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November Reading and Magic

This month will be 50 trips around the sun for me.🥳 I can hardly believe it! These last 12 years have been nothing less than a wild roller coaster. I would have never imagined even half of it.

Audiobooks and lots of time to reflect, started it all

Driving a tractor trailer, ending of a long term relationship, buying a house then realizing that there was more to life than societies rules, becoming a Reiki Master, packing my car and moving 3500 km. Learning to trust life to take me where I needed to go. Selling my car in 2020, buying a 20yr old minivan and driving 3000 km to see my family then driving another 4500 to Vancouver Island. Living on a horse sanctuary with a Buddhist nun on a small island off the coast. Spending 9 months learning about horses, and doing some intense personal healing, completing a pet Reiki and equine Reiki course. (I had never been around horses until then)

Reo, Libre, Jenny

Then just as swiftly as I had rolled in, the universe swept me up and brought me back home to Alberta. Mary Poppins had returned. Back to the job I had left a year before, a new place to live, friends to see, community. A new me had been born once again. Never to be the same as the day I packed up the car in 2015 and headed to Alberta or the van in 2020. Since being back in Edmonton for a year, the changes keep coming. I have been shifting my energy, beliefs, learning new skills and spending the time integrating, resting and always reflecting on experiences. Such a difference from being unconsciously dragged through life at the mercy of others and circumstances.

The little things in life bring me happiness, joy and laughter. Playing with the dog and cat, watching the birds, watching the fish, writing…..supporting friends on their journey. Reading and researching what peaks my interests. Creating new and exciting ideas that pop into my awareness. Creating and mixing modalities in a way that promotes healing and insight. I am going to be learning mixed media art with The Metis Mama. I have dabbled in the past on my own, but having a guide will be amazing!

First project

I am looking forward to more mixed media! I do love making the dolls! Excited to see what comes next!

November Reading

Dragon Oracle Mystic Wisdom Oracle Earth Wisdom Oracle Cosmic Reading Cards

For the Dragon cards, I asked for an overall energy for the Collective in November. (collective – the energy for all of humanity in the mental and emotional bodies) For the following cards with the other decks, I asked for supporting cards for the Collective November energy.

Rose Pink Dragon ~ (Prepares your heart to connect with the higher facets of the Cosmic Heart. Open your heart to warm-hearted love and diamond light. Connect with the love of the universe.) We are always preparing and laying the groundwork to become a new version of ourselves. Whether we know it or not. Every experience is an opportunity for growth and transformation no matter how big or small. Each step towards our own naturalness, our pure original selves. We are all working towards this, no matter where each of us may be in our journey of awakening. We are taking steps towards our heart and finding that perfect balance between mind and heart. This is the journey. Opening our heart, finding compassion, understanding, clarity, kindness, forgiveness, and peace. Harmony within and without, for ourselves and others. All of these words are meaningless if we cannot include ourself. It can be easy to express these things to others, it’s difficult at first. But, we often overlook the need to be kind to ourselves.

Golden Christed Dragon ~ (Brings you higher love so that you embody the Christ Light. Absorb the Christ Light. You are protected. Expand your heart and remain fifth dimensional.) I absolutely love that this card come out with the pink dragon card. It’s a reminder that we all contain the energy that Jesus held. It is stated that you can do anything I can do, and more. There is so much New Age Love and Light energy out there. Ungrounded, off in the cosmos, spiritual bypassing etc. This is not “it” Humble, reserved, quiet might not be it either. There is no template, recipe, prescription. There is only what works for you. No one can tell you who you are, how to act, what to say or not say. Only you can uncover your magic and what it looks like for you. Others can guide you or show you their way. Take what feels right and leave the rest. There are multitudes of ways to get up a mountain. (You being the mountain and self-healing/mastery is awakening to new levels of consciousness)

Seven Deadly Sins ~ (Humanity’s Destructive Traits) Sloth, Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Well that about somes it up. I had an explanation once that just about every conflict can within ourselves and with others can be summed up and boiled down to 3 things. Anger, Jealousy, Greed. If we take an honest look at conflict of all kinds we can see one or more of these factors contributing to the situation. Simply to reflect and see is often enough to begin unravel the mental or emotional energy that we have invested in the situation. Awareness. Imagine if every individual could look at life and see the big picture with a little awareness and without judgement simply observe and reflect. That would be a huge leap for humanity towards solving many of our issues. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in so much information we cannot break it down into manageable pieces. Information overload. Take a step back, breathe, let the tension in your body relax. Clarity will come, peace will come. Observe what happens to your mental and emotional tension.

Nurture ~ When you take care of your own needs then you can truly supply others with what they need. Self-care. That doesn’t mean you need a spa day for 100’s of dollars. What can you do for your mental and physical health? What does your body need right now? What is possible? It could be extravagant or it could be simple. Simplicity is the key to joy and happiness and peace. Take the cue from your pets, they know how to relax. They know how to heal themselves and you. Can you stop and smell the flowers, watch the birds outside, take a nap, color a picture, write, create. Eat something your cells will thank you for, go to the gym. Visit a friend who loves you for you, no drama. Self care is required.

Memories ~ (Cherish Memories of Loved Ones) It has been a difficult few years. We have had many souls leave us. No matter what your beliefs may be, we all would like to believe that our loved ones have returned to a place that is healing, loving and better than on this planet. So many that are here experience grief, pain, loss and an emptiness that feels like the hole will never be filled. Any time I received messages from loved ones or pets they always say something similar. “I love you”, “I’m safe”, “I am not in pain anymore”. I think those are the most common. Recently my sisters dog crossed over. The message I received from him was. “I love you, I wanted you to remember all the great times we had and thank you for the great life” (he passed 3 minutes before she got home) I asked to connect with Samson and asked if he had any messages for Maureen. I was surprised to hear the messages. I let Maureen know that I had a message from Samson and told her to let me know when she felt ready to hear them. She was so grateful and I feel that it really helped her. It is a good idea to allow people to choose if they would like to hear the message. Remember the wonderful times you had with the person who has crossed. Forgive them or yourself if needed. You are capable of letting go of any energy that many keep that karmic bond that may repeat any cycles.

Mirrored Souls ~ (Through the reflection of your soul, I AM better able to see all aspects of muself) Feeling hurt or aggravated (triggered) is an opportunity to see something within yourself that is looking for some attention. Each person we meet, have a relationship with, partners they all have keys to unlock aspects of us that need to be seen. See, reflect, be honest, breathe. Lift that shadow energy out of your existence by observing and reflecting. Awareness from a new perspective. Every person you meet can show you something within you or someone you used to be or maybe a deeper level of something within you that’s calling for attention. Feel into this card and know all relationships have something to teach, a shadow to help us grow into who we came here to be. The learning experiences helping us “Know Thy Self” are invaluable to our human evolution. Whether our relationships are karmic, soul mates, “twin flames”, past lives, etc. They all have a purpose to bring us to a new level of awareness/consciousness.

Cosmic Connection ~ (You are connected to cosmic intelligence, your vibration is being raised to higher levels) Yes, there will always be challenges, shadows, or hints of survival mode. No matter where you are, how high you may think you are, they will be there. No need to be frustrated with yourself or others, each of us has challenges to help us to new levels of consciousness and awareness. We are all connected, we all experience similar experiences. They may not look identical, they are within our current reality. At the core the lessons are there, the honesty of it what makes it different. (Could be anger, jealousy, greed) You could be rich or poor, awake or sleeping, conscious or unconscious. We are not alone in this fantastic adventure. Each of us will be supported by Spirit with trust. Trust that things will work out how they are meant to, when they are meant to. Nothing is ever a failure, if you learn from it. When you raise your own vibration you automatically assist others around you to raise their vibration. That is a gift. Your personal evolution is a gift to humanity. Being yourself is a gift, discovering who you are is a gift. Being the best that you can be in each moment, that’s a gift no one can take from you. You are always connected to the Universal Life Force Energy that flows through every living entity. (minerals, plants animals and humans, including the spiritual realms)


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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