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October Alchemy and Collective Reading

I have been drawn to share what I have been up to since the last article. I have been diving into some esoteric studies. Expanding my exploration, through some audio books and listening to some ancient occult writing on YouTube.

I have mentioned previously that the first book I listened to after The Celestine Prophecy and the Alchemist was The Kybalion. Ultimately, the Kybalion is the esoteric teaching of the main 7 Universal Laws that govern Alchemy. I have clearly always had an interest and I also believe these laws are the keys to spiritual growth and personal development. Anyone who is even remotely serious about transmuting their current life into something totally different can use these alchemical keys to do it. All on their own. It’s not hard, it simply takes awareness and persistent movent towards a better you. Listening carefully to the words spoken can open up the world of transformation and growth.

I have also been diving into many of the Manly P. Hall books and lectures from the early 1900’s. He is a Canadian 33° Mason. His studies and teaching cover a great many of the esoteric, historical and “new age” woowoo topics. This is the link to the first part of an amazing book. It is 3 parts in total.

I have also been researching and listening to some of the books he mentions throughout his own work.

These have also lead me to some other amazing Alchemical teachings and lectures.

I have recently purchased a healing energy tool that I have been aware of for about 10yrs. I was introduced to it by Andrea who taught me Reiki and Infinite Energy Healing. I have looked at this crystal pendent many times over the years and finally felt like it was time to have one of my own.

Healing Energy Tool

I have been wearing it around my neck. It has taken some time to get used to, for sure. I have used it a few times over people and pets, the earth and to clear crystals. It has been an effective tools for shifting energy. I was excited to see how it works. It seems to do the same thing every time. Round and round in a counter clockwise spin and the it slows to a stop and changes to a clockwise direction. Slowing to a stop when it is complete. Very cool indeed. I learned early on that anti-clockwise is clearing out the negative and clockwise is installing or replacing new energy where the other was removed. I am happy I finally took the plunge and picked this up.

Now to try it again in the pyramid while wearing the crystal pendant. I tried when I first got it. The energy was so crazy it made me feel a little dizzy and nauseous. I have stayed away from the pyramid since then, but I am curious to see after wearing the pendant for over a month if it still carries the same effect for me. Maybe they don’t work together or maybe they do. I shall find out. I’ll let you know the outcome. (I went and spent some time in the pyramid and it was super! All adjusted to the energy!) Whew!

Let me know if you would like the information for the pendant.

10/10 Gateway/Portal Collective Reading

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards by Izzy Ivy

45. Star Seed Elemental – The earth, air, fire and water have used in magic and been talked about for centuries. All cultures and all areas of the world have their own beliefs and understanding of the elements and their importance in relation to life and the soul. Earth being of the body, air of the mind, water of emotions and life and fire of the soul. It is of great importance to those who consider themselves Starseeds to be in touch with the earth and grounded to it. If not, then there is a chance of being carried away into the cosmos with flighty and unrealistic visions of what life is or expectations outside of the current reality. We contain all the elements within our current being. We contain each aspect of these elements within our physical and etheric bodies. We are in this world and of it.

38. New Blueprints As humanity shifts their understanding, awareness and focus new ways of being are emerging. New expressions of what work, school, relationships, energy etc. are being brought into our reality. These are becoming available as we shed the old ways within ourselves to create our ideal world. One person at a time, and one idea at a time. Accessing these new blueprints of how to live in a changing world are available to you. If you can see them unfolding, you are ditching old habits, or you may even be the one who is creating a new way of being or doing something. You have the power of creation and change.

10. Soul Star Chakra Some say this chakra is above our head, and some say it is equivalent to the high heart chakra between the throat and heart chakra. I say as we begin to access our chakras above our head, they begin to drop into our physical body and overlay with the original 3D chakras. Our sacred heart or high heart chakra is the gateway to Cosmic/Solar Consciousness or Christ Consciousness as it has been called. This is the path of transformation. Our Soul Star Chakra is a commitment to spiritual development. The decision to be better yesterday than you were today. A decision to be kind to yourself even when you are challenged and don’t do a very good job with said challenge. Finding compassion for yourself so you may extend that compassion to others. Patience with yourself so you can extend it to others. Kindness, compassion and patience are very good judges of how you are doing. Along with gratitude and forgiveness.

54. Trust Your Innocence Trust is another one of the ways to see how you are doing, along with the others mentioned above. I equate innocence with the heart and inner-child, with pets and all sentient beings. Trust the purity in your heart, it’s there. Even if you don’t feel it. It may be bruised, may be a bit broken too. With some down and dirty honesty you can find your heart, your purity and reclaim your innocence. No one can take that from you. Claim it back, it’s yours. Don’t give it way, that energy belongs in your heart. Safe and secure.

This reading had a bit of a different feel to it. How do you feel about it?

I recently expressed something during a conversation with a friend. I have never said this in this way before. Or as compact and clear. It was new to me to say this, in the middle of a conversation about trauma. “We can’t help but experience trauma here. The energy on this planet is a brutal assault on us. It is so far from the energy we know. It is so dense compared to what we are used to. We can’t help but feel abandoned and alone. We all want to go home, even though we don’t know where that is. But it definitely doesn’t feel like this planet.” I hope this helps someone who feels similar. I wish I knew exactly what it means. I have an idea what it means to me. What I feel it means anyway. Time will tell if my feelings are correct.

Last year article for this date.

I still have a few Back to Basics to add to the series. More to come!!!

Jenn © 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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