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Back to Basics ~ Past Lives

In the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle he has a short quote that I think embodies presence. Paraphrase… If you go up to a bird and ask what time it is, the bird will respond by saying ” It is now of course, what other time is there.”

In The Island by Aldous Huxley the bird have been taught to say “Here and Now!”

Time is an illusion. We have all heard this many times. Followed by the only time is now. I think there is a bit more to it. Quantum Theory explains that all things happen ie. past, present and future depending on where we are. One person’s present is another person’s past and yet another person’s future that hasn’t yet happened.

Time is an illusion video. Just under 10 minutes and explained beautifully.

When I think of past lives, I think of all the things I love in this lifetime. My favorite crystals, plants or flowers, all the animals, all the places in the world I am drawn to, the cultures I love, those are the enjoyable lifetimes I have had. (My perspective) Then when I think, or feel an aversion to a culture, person etc I know this is where my work is with my past lives. The strongest feelings of dislike r anger, these are the places, people, animals or places in the world that require some attention.

Setting an intention to look at these areas and trust you will find what you are looking for will take you a long way. Only to make the time to do it is where we often fall short in our discovery.

I wrote this article a few years ago. There are some links in there for additional resources.

I used to do past life readings and I still do, if I am asked. I often check in with my pendulum to see if there is anything further I could look at for new realizations or clearing. I have recently had a QHHT/BQH session and had an amazing experience. I had some very amazing information come through for me. I am having a hypnotherapy session focusing on past lives. I will place the information for these sessions on the Like Minded People page of this site.

I have had a few past life experiences that have been quite helpful over the years for my own healing journey. Profound realizations and very much lucid dreaming experiences. In the dream state or experience I was watching them happen. I had a deep knowing that I was a person in the experience and I was able to facilitate healing for all the people involved. There was a noticeable shift in out current life dynamics as well. This is the article I wrote about one experience.

The other experience is as follows. I was working as a shop manager at a limousine company. I was beginning to feel that I had just about done as much as I could do there. I asked to see the soul group connection I had with the people I worked with. It had been a few years since I started working there. I am not sure of the exact timeline once I asked to see the connection and when I actually had this vision/dream. It started with me observing the scene. What I saw was a man(me) on the ground being kicked and beaten(arrested) by what I understood as a guard(a co-worker at the time). The time period was Medieval as far as I could tell. I didn’t see myself in a cell, but I moved along in the scene to find out why this was happening.

Image : Unknown creator

I looked for as many other co-workers who were involved in the situation. I found the owner of the limo company and a few other co-workers. I got the impression that 2 coworkers in that time period had made up a plan to tell my boss that I had stolen from him to have me arrested. One of the coworkers was very adamant about the story and one went along with it. My boss had me arrested because of the theft story.

At this point, during the vision I remember thinking I need to do some healing around this story. I understood in my current life how I was being treated by each of the people I saw in the scene. The guard, my boss, and the conspirators. I clearly remember saying (mentally or telepathically) ok, I forgive you all for this unfortunate event. Please know that I am holding no ill will towards any of you. Please forgive yourselves for this situation. As I write this I asked for a soul retrieval for all of us from this event. I took a deep breath as I integrated these pieces back into my soul.

After the dream/vision I immediately noticed our relationships change and shift. I felt a sense of completion at the limo company. I felt sure that I was able to move on, to begin the next phase of my life.

Another vision/experience I found myself surrounded by men from all over the world who I regularly had contact with. I laid down on the backyard swing and asked to see each past life connection I had with them and why we were connected at the time. I think I saw about 4 or 5 different scenes that day. 2 I remember, the other ones have faded into the abyss. Resolved I imagine. One scene was very loving. Set on the plains, the rolling hills. I didn’t see anything else around except me, the man and a child. I understood this was what I called a resting lifetime. We were Aboriginal people. The setting was the 3 of us sitting on an animal skin having a “picnic”. So much love surrounded this scene. I didn’t explore it very much. The love was almost palpable and I felt that was all I needed to see with the person. He still sends me music by text and we will meet for coffee and a chat when he is in town.

The other one I remember is not quite clear any longer. This was a turbulent vision, not at all like the love I felt from the other scene. We had children and there was chaos. He was verbally abusive. As I think about it now, he was under a lot of pressure from an external situation he was experiencing. It caused a great amount of stress at home. The energy of the scene was terrible and I didn’t spend much time there. The setting was cobblestone roads and a very meager home.

I suppose that the guidance I bring to you with this post is “Ask and you shall receive” When you have a pure and authentic wish to see your past lives and do some healing for the benefit of all involved, you will be given the experiences and opportunities to do so. It may not happen immediately or ever. Simply the intention of doing the healing and letting go of the situation is often enough. Trust your guidance and feelings surrounding these types of experiences.

Healing, cutting cords, soul retrieval may be what you could be guided to in these experiences. In my recent BQH session I was given information to retrieve some “soul sparks” in different areas of the world. These soul sparks were not necessarily mine but belonged to the others in my monad. I was directed to different areas of the world. Europe, Germany, Russia, West Africa and specifically Avalon(Glastonbury) in order to retrieve them. I set the intention to retrieve these sparks after doing some guided research on the areas. I went into a meditation with the intention of finding and returning these sparks after they were cleansed and purified. I was able to get confirmation they were retrieved. Some were returned to the souls and some would be returned at an appropriate time for the individual. I used my pendulum and found that some sparks were being held onto by higherselves of the people they belonged to, some were returned immediately. I also found out that it may take 6 months or more for some of the almost 300 sparks to be returned to the souls. How exciting and amazing to find all of this information and be able to assist in the healing process for so many.

Happy healing with Grace and Ease.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

New information to be integrated into my existence.

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