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Back to Basics Series ~ Crystals and Crystal Grids

*this is meant to be a metaphysical guide and should not be used to replace medical attention under any circumstances*

Crystals Making a trip to the local crystal shop can be fun. You can go with a list, or go and see what happens. Trust your guidance. You may like a stone and buy it and go home do some reading about it and find that it’s just perfect. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, biggest or even the most beautiful. I often pick the most unusual crystal from the container. Interesting how synchronicity plays out when we look at crystals or they come across our path. Photos of crystals can be just as good sometimes as holding them in your hand.

The first grid I made. Called As Above, So Below

Petalite Petalite is one of the high vibrational stone in all the world. It is clear like quartz, often raw. It helps with selflove, self with discovering truth.

Amethyst–- care, selfrespect and worthiness. And it also helps Ancient Egyptians thought that amethyst would help with drunkenness and was worn extensively during that period. Often called the sobriety stone. This crystal will help with connecting to your soul, cutting through illusions, and enhancing your spiritual talents. It is light to deep purple in color.

Clear Quartz This stone will enhance and intensify any energy meaning positive or negative. It is said to help with awareness on all levels of consciousness and assist with brain function.

Hematite Hematite is an excellent stone for grounding and connection at the same time. It helps remove excess energy of all kinds and helps calm mental energy.

Rose Quartz Often called the love stone is, it is pink in color. This crystal i s helpful with relationships of all kinds, it will help keep environments calm and dispel negatively often just by being looked at or held.

Lapis Lazuli Manifestation, wisdom, truthfulness, communication, inner power, self confidence, Lapis is also a commo n stone found in ancient Egypt and Greece.

Aquamarine This crystal is said to help with courage, luck, purification, peace. Also helping you connect with the Angels, and protection for traveling on the water.

Raw Emerald This crystal has a unique green c olor and works great with the heart chakra. It promotes focus, loyalty, sensitivity, and will also help release negative energy.

Citrine Citrine never needs to be cleansed or charged. It comes in various shades of yellow and is a form of quartz. It is said to release negative energy and attract all forms of abundance.

Tigers Eye This is great crystal to help ground your energy. If you are feeling to much energy it will slow down the flow of energy within your own body as well as that of others. It will help with personal understanding and awareness, spiritual growth.

Carnelion Helps with Motivation, inspiration and confidence. The color can be from a light to deep orange or reddish brown color. This stone will also help with integration of new information and assist with processing solar geomagnetic shifts on the planet. Aslo, a great stone to help with personal integration.

Garnet Garnet can help with careers, passion, the focusing of energy and emotions. The red color is linked to the root chakra. Helps with awareness, and also some protection while developing insight or during integration or regenerative rest periods.

Cross Stone or Chaistolite Andalusite is the brown part of cross stone, it also has a black cross in it as well. The color makes it ideal for assistance with grounding. It will help with meditation, and seeing all sides of a problem. It is also used for scrying. This is a super stone for helping keep you grounded. This stone is associated with the Earth Star Chakra and also helps with healing past life energy.

Selenite Selenite vibrates at a super-high frequency, meaning it’s a very powerful healer. It it’s not very fond of water and doesn’t need to e cleared. Selenite promotes peace and calm, provides clarity and clears blocked energy.

Clearing Your Crystals There are many ways to clear crystals. My favorite is to ask that it be restored to its own natural vibration. If you don’t feel confident enough in your abilities or think that it won’t work then, there are many alternatives you may use. Water Run your crystals under water until you feel that it’s clear. You may want to check because some crystals do not respond well to water. Salt Put your crystals in a bowl of rock salt, sea salt, Himalayan salt which ever you prefer. You can leave your crystals in salt when you are not using them. I used to do this as that is how I learned how to care for them many years ago. Sun or Moon Energy There has been quite a pull for people to clear their crystals under the full moon over the years. I did that for a while as well. Now, I prefer to cleanse my crystals with sun light or simply my intention. Which ever one you choose will be right for you. Sound Frequency You can use singing bowls or tuning forks, a bell or any other sound healing you prefer. Crystals There are some crystals that can clear dense or detrimental energy from your crystals. Shungite and Selenite are 2 of these such crystals. And neither one of those mentioned need to be cleared themselves. I’m sure there are other ways, I simply wanted to draw your attention to the possibility that your crystals may like some attention. They pick up energies the same as we do. Reiki or other healing modalities can be used to clear energy in crystals just like you would do for a human. For their highest good.

Making Crystal Grids Set your intention for the grid. It might be a specific type of healing like emotional b o dy healing, past lives, maybe a protection grid, a clearing grid, a love grid, chakra or complete chakra system or for a certain situation. Use your imagination . Making grids is a creative venture and a way to use your intuition. Have fun, trust your inner guidance. There is no wrong way just your way, what feels right to you. Go by your feeling. There really isn’t a right or wrong way, don’t think about it, go from your senses, what you feel. Use your internal GPS. I have made grids with crystals, flowers in them, objects that I have sitting with my crystals. Used, some art as the background, made them on the floor, on the deck. Use your guidance or intuition.

Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Aether Platonic Solid Grid with a little Lemuria and Atlantis Energy

Grids can be used to meditate with, most people use geometric shapes. Just know that if you are trusting your GPS you can’t go wrong. You can keep the grid set up or take a picture of it. You can meditate with the grid, soften your gaze and you will be able to feel the energy it is creating.

Solar energy crystal clearing

Set your intention to be for the highest good, and have some fun creating. You are only limited by your imagination.

Using Crystals During Energy Healing. Many people who do energy healing work will use crystals to enhance their healing sessions. They will use crystals to bring a little more energy to the session. Enhancing the healing work they are doing, or softening the energy that is coming through. This is entirely up to you and your client if you would like to include crystals in your healing sessions. Experiment using crystals in personal healing sessions or during your own meditations and try it out. This is something I have done myself and I think it is a natural way to learn about the different crystals and possibilities.

Crystals have been used in ancient cultures throughout the ages. These are 2 articles I found that I had saved during my research phase.


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A few grids I have made over the years.

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