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Back to Basics Series ~ Auras and Chakras

We are here to be responsible for our own personal energy as well as the energy we are accessing. Most psychic readers are reading the physical, mental, emotional energy that is cluttered up in a person’s aura. Chakras are linked to certain levels of the energy bodies of the aura. Base chakra being linked to the layer of energy closest to the body. Sacral the next layer, then Solar Plexus, Heart and so forth. When I learned Reiki my teacher taught me that we store all of our “junk” in our lower chakras. Junk meaning lower vibrations of basically emotional baggage.

Energy Bodies

As you can see from the photo this is a mostly agreed upon explanation of chakras and energy bodies/auras. I found some helpful tools in a book called The Ascension Handbook. One of those tools was about the energy bodies. As we begin our healing journey we are stripping away energy from our chakras and aura layers. This can cause an imbalance from what we had previously grown accustomed to. This will show itself physically as dizziness. Our energy bodies spin in opposite directions. Base level spins to the left Sacral to the right for example. This will be different for everyone, but generally in the beginning stages it starts one way for females and opposite for males. There are many factors but this is the simplest explanation. Back to the tool I found for dizziness. Simply set your intention and ask your higher-self to synchronize your energy bodies. This may happen immediately or may take a few times. Alternatively, if it doesn’t work after giving it a try a few different times then it may be a medical issue and require further attention.

When doing energy work for another person it is very important to have their permission before. It does go against the persons free will choice and can have karma attached if you don’t ask. I personally will not do work for another person unless I have spoken to them directly and asked if they are willing and open to the experience.

A quick method I have found to clear auras and chakras for others and myself is simply to set the intention to clear them for the persons highest good. Now, what highest good means to me is all energy that doesn’t belong to them, all energy that they no longer need to hold onto since they have learned from it what was needed. De-clutter the energy that is left over after an ah-ha moment or a personal realization.

This is a perfect practice to clear energy from your fields no matter what level you are at. From big or the smallest of healing we do, clearing our energy is something that never loses its relevance in our spiritual life.

This series will contain many of the tools I have used over the last 10 years, and still do. I use them for myself and others during sessions.

Auras are generally recognized as electromagnetic fields of energy that surround all sentient beings. (Those who contain energy not necessarily consciousness as we know it but affinities to other energy) Children are often able to see these energy fields e asily and some adults as well. I won’t go into it here, but it is easy enough to find different ways to practice seeing this.

The photo above shows 5 of the main chakras have an opening in the front as well as the back as well one on the top of the head and base of the spine. We will talk about 9 chakras, as there have been 2 recently discovered chakras that have quite an important roll for us in this new Age of Aquarius. Sticking to the basics and leaving you open to discover much more of the vast and infinite knowledge on this journey. I will include some crystals with the chakras as well as the colors associated with the chakras.

Soul Star Chakra This cha kra is located about 18 inches above the head. This chakra is one of the newer ones. It is the gateway to higher soul evolution. Connection to the 5th dimension called Solar Consciousness of the soul kingdom. It assists with increasing your vibration, help s with clarity and using this chakra will assist soul progress and purpose. Color is golden pearlescent. Crystal is Petalite.

Crown Chakra This chakra is located at the top of your head. The crown is the opening to wider understanding of the Universe we live in and it’s energy. An open crown will help with direction and purpose. Closed or underactive will leave people emotional and isolated. The color is violet or white and the crystal is amethyst or clear quartz.

3rd Eye Chakra This chakra is between a nd above your seeing eyes. The back of the 3 rd Eye is the Well of Dreams (there are other names and the Well of Dreams is an expanded connection to Source and higher information, also magnifies your connection) Open there is expanded imagination, intuition , and clear seeing either visions, or symbols, colors and a sense of knowing. Blocked or underactive will cause clouded judgement, lack of clarity and focus, or to much fantasy. Color is indigo and crystal is lapis lazuli.

Throat Chakra This chakra is lo cated at the front and back of the throat. This is the center for speaking your truth as you see it now in its most authentic form. It is the place we often have he hardest time with balancing love and fear. If this chakra is out of balance there can be ju dgement of the self and others, fear of not being accepted. This chakra also has an impact on our life when what we think and what we feel are not matching up. The color is sky blue and the crystal is turquoise or aquamarine.

Heart Chakra This chakra is in the middle of your chest and also opens front and back. Balanced you will have a flow of love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. Closed or blocked can cause anger, jealousy, grief resides here. You may also experience chest pain, asthma, or back p ain in the area. The color of this chakra is green and the crystal is raw emerald or green aventurine.

Solar Plexus Chakra Located just above your belly button and also opens front and back. This is considered to be your personal power center. Where your strength and courage come from. When out of balance, you may have self esteem issues, poor decision skills, or feel youhave no control over your own life. There may often be temper or anger issues. The color of this chakra is yellow and the crystal is cit rine or tigers eye.

Sacral Chakra Located below your belly button and opens front and back as well. This is the center of your sexual organs, relationships, creativity and passion both physical and creatively. This is the center of emotions and overall pleasure and fun. When you are blocke in this chakra you will find it difficult to have a balance in life through the mentioned areas. You may also experience back pain in the area as well. The color of the chakra is orange and the crystal is carnelian.

Base Chakra This chakra at the base of the spine deals with basic needs. Food, clothing, shelter, and feeling safe sane and secure. Not getting enough energy here will cause you to feel like you are in crisis mode, to much energy you may become greedy or excessive. Free flowing energy throug hout your d body and energy fields is vital to feeling balanced and whole. The color of this chakra is red and the crystal is red jasper or garnet.

Earth Star Chakra chakra is another on This chakra is located 13-18 inches below your feet. The earth star e of the newly discovered chakras. It is like a super base chakra that will securely connect you to the planet. Using this chakra has helped those experiencing knee pain and overheating. It will also be highly effective for grounding, healing past lives, karma, and DNA activations. It also assists with energy flow to all major and minor chakras. The colors are black and brown and the crystal is cross stone/andalusite.

• • Universal Energy Worker,, 9

If guided to this meditation, please give it listen. This guided meditation is a full cleansing of your energy bodies/aura. The best way to experience this is to keep doing it until you can stay awake for the entire hour. Staying awake helps you integrate fully the energy of these upgrades. I fell asleep for half the first time, then I fell asleep for the other half the next time I did it. It took me to the 3rd time before I was fully awake for the whole thing. 🙃 It happens. I have heard similar stories from others who have put in the time to consciously receive the benefits of this meditation. When I feel it is needed I still do this one every once in a while.

If you are looking for a bit more of a deep dive into some very interesting early work by a true first wave wayshower this is an amazing read.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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