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Full Moon September

September 20, 2021 at 04:54:44 PM Mountain Time the moon will be full.

“Only in the silence is the place where you can imagine and create the birth of a new world.” Jenn Moreau

Photo by Shane Ellis

You are the being called to heal deep wounds. To open up your shadows and let the light shine upon them. This is the way. The way to create a new experience of life. A new flowering of your intuition, clarity, abundance and wisdom.

Be compassionate with yourself. This is the beginning. I know you are scared. But this, this is the dawning of a new age, calling for a new perspective. A simple smile can alter your day, as well as those around you. If you have nothing to give other than a smile and kindness, please share. That is sacred.

The full moon always speaks of letting go of all that does not serve you any longer. Making room for something new. “If you would like something new, you will need to try something new.”

Breathe, feel, acknowledge. Pause…

Smile at your awareness, thank yourself for the realizations and carry on.

You may need to spend time reflecting to get the full honest picture of the experience when you are alone. Avoiding the feelings, pretending they weren’t there does not help you move forward.

Transformation does not happen over night. It happens as it is meant to for YOU. You have your own unique journey. There is no order to the steps, only your steps. You may need to fill in a few the blanks. You will know the truth by how it feels. Sometimes it doesn’t feel good, then discern what that means to you. Follow your heart, follow your guidance, and if you can’t figure it out, ask a like minded soul to help you out. You are not alone. There are many on their path too.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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