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10-10 October Portal Energy

In order to embody our own unique frequency, we will need to be able to discern what is our own energy. We cannot be fully in our energy when we are continually drawn out of it. This doesn’t mean spiritual bypassing or avoiding or dissociation.

A quick energy check of what is in our energy fields will give us something to go on. This requires us to pause, breathe, and feel what we are experiencing. (Self awareness) The stillness and space we create by this pause of awareness is an amazing tool. It will help know what energy experience you are having. This is the whole purpose of clearing all the energy that does not belong to you. To have a clear view of what is happening in your experience.

Example: Someone is angry, they are yelling. They are basically throwing all their energy at you. You have choices…you can get wrapped up in the energy, be taken away by it, yell back, be sucked into the energy. You can listen, breathe, clear your energy of what is not yours. Take the time to feel if you are in fact angry or does the anger belong to them. You can also choose how you will respond in that moment of pause. This is something you can practice and you will need to practice.

Opening up a space to clearly see what your experiences is, that’s priceless. Regardless of what is happening outside, you have the power and right to see your energy. Clearly. This doesn’t give you the right to bypass what energy is inside you, looking for some attention and reflection. It’s definitely OK for you to feel anything you’re feeling. Check if it’s yours before you let it overcome you.

This energy for October with 6 planets in retrograde everything has slowed down. Calling for more awareness, more embodiment, more reflecting on our current reality. A deeper look at how we are experiencing life at this time.

What are the passing thoughts that are shining the light on possibilities? What guidance are you receiving beyond the mind? What are the distractions you are engaged in that are keeping you further from your dreams?

There is another layer of dense energy that is also having some effects on our energy. It is the collective consciousness. Or collective unconscious as I have heard it called. This is the shadow of humanity. We are all seeing it unfold and feeling it too. We can’t deny that levels of this shadow maybe within us as well. This shadow may be prominent in our fields or subtly there. This energy may be within our monad or group monad. (See the article on multidimensional monadic merge or the ascension in this lifetime article to see more about this. There is also a daily empath clearing and collective consciousness clearing articles)

There are energy clearing articles on this blog to be used as a guide to clear energy that does not belong to you. We pick up energy from others, situations, collective energy or being a highly sensitive person. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to feel your own energy? To be able to have space in your own energy? To feel into your own experiences? To embody and live from our own unique frequency?

Collective energy you may be experiencing.

Hopelessness – a feeling or state of despair, hopelessness is an emotion characterized by a lack of hope, optimism, and passion. An individual who feels hopeless may often have no expectation of future improvement or success.

Heartacheemotional anguish or grief, anguish of mind, sorrow. Our heart chakras and high heart chakras(between heart and throat) are one of the keys to open more, embody more of who we are. Don’t let these chakras close down, ever.

Disconnected – having a connection broken. This can either be within ourselves/emotions or our connection to our spiritual self/universe/etc. Feeling a disconnect is possible or humanity may be completely unaware there are these connections and that they can connect to them.

As we experience this time, remember “this too, shall pass” This energy retrograde, is a cycle. You have survived them before and you will survive them again. Feel what is true for you. Feel what comes up, reflect on that, and then let it go with grace and ease. “You are the Alchemist of your life. You are in control of you. You shift your universe. You are the one you are waiting for.”

With Love Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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