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Creating a New Collective Narrative

Try this out. Put your name where it says name and see how it feels. Intentions and combined energy will make it more effective

I “name” place myself “name into a Full Court of Atonement with the entirety of all entities incarnated in human form in this moment for the purpose of searching out and correcting any and all energetic distortions created by negative, detrimental or malicious energy for the purpose of fear, conflict or confusion.

I ask to search for and correct any-and-all issues, conflicts, and emotionally charged disagreements within the family lineages and humanity.

I ask to resolve these energetic distortions and disagreements of all kinds, including but not limited to: all  politicals, war, propaganda, false information, dissolution of all removal of free will and free choice, all negative, detrimental and malicious intentions at a soul level for all incarnate beings on this planet and another’s that may be experiencing this collective energy.

I ask to resolve political events causing disputes about agendas being forced on elected officials real and perceived, conscious or unconsciously, knowly or unknowingly.

I ask to correct all negative, detrimental or malicious energy caused by or surrounding vaccines or vaccine passports that are not for the highest good of all.

I ask to analyze the family lineages of all souls and request that free will choice be restored and honored for all individuals. May all veils be lifted that have created and are creating distortions of the ultimate truth. May all veils that can be safely lifted be done, no more no less than each soul is able to receive.

I bring in any-and-all  ancestors of our family lineages and I demand that all distortion caused issues within our family lineages be resolved at their points of creation.   

I ask to resolve any and all situations where outcomes did not go our way, I ask to disolve anger and aggression and create prayers for peaceful, and positive change.

I ask for Soul Recognition, Traumatic Stress Resolution, Grief Recovery Resolution, and Heart Center Optimization for all members of my family lineages as well as for those who were harmed in any way by us for the ignorance of people following orders who were unaware of the ultimate truth and motivation of others.

I ask everyone involved to honor their new level of understanding and forgive themselves for not knowing what they know now.   I ask us all to redeem ourselves. I ask us all to make amends. I ask to create peace with the past and for all future events.

I “name” ask all energy, foreign objects or substances be removed from my physical body that have entered either knowly or unknowingly that may be physical, technological or etheric be removed for the highest good. I do not consent to being stripped of my sovereignty. I ask to restore my energy to my original blueprint, with the assistance of the Liquid Violet Flame of Transformation being poured in through my crown, into my nervous system and all glands, organs, blood, bones and systems.

I, “name” ask to remove any-and-all contracts, curses, spells, hexes,  pacts, promises, and or oaths from the family lineages now and all energetic cords that are no longer for our highest good at this moment and moving forward.

I, “name” place the entirety of my family lineages, ancestors and all of humanity into a Full Court of Atonement with each and every level of our consciousness, Source and our energetic teams for the purpose of creating understanding and acceptance of the past and creating openness and willingness to use our words, thoughts and actions to create change by way of intention to do so and or focused attention on the desired outcome.   

Please fully ground and connect my energy to the planet and to the Cosmic energy.

Thank you.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

Please share with others to combine our energy to create a new collective energy. Let me know your experience with this statement.

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