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What if…

Everyone loves a villain and a hero.

Everyone loves a great movie. Everyone loves a distraction from this all to painful reality here on the 3rd rock from the sun.
Everyone loves a great tv series. Everyone watches the news, even though its mainly filled with drab and dreary stories.
One part of the population goes about the hustle and bustle of life. Rushing here and there. Keeping themselves and their kids busy enough to not have to reflect on the reality we are faced. Watching the news, finding entertainment from movies, tv programs, and their devices.
Another group find their hope in religion and the hope their savior will resume them. All the while, watching the news, tv, movies etc.
Another group does not watch tv or news, but still follows the world and current events through social media, videos, etc.

It is well documented that the media has been used in social experiments to control, distract and program the minds of the population. It has been discovered that religion has been used and distorted into a vehicle to control the population.

What if…..

The lack of people participating in these activities has significantly decreased. Not as many watching tv, or movies or the news or going to church and believing in something.

What if….

There is a new game. A live action drama unfolding with real characters, involved in human trafficking, satanic ritual, cannibalism, murder, political violence, racial violence, the Royal families, the elite and what if they already have a savior/hero.

What if…
This game is all an illusion of smoke and mirrors to keep everyone running around watching for clues to solve a mystery, that doesn’t actually exist.

Where my mind goes in meditation

What if…
None of it is reality at all.

What if…
The only pure, true reality is the connection we have through communication, compassion, gratitude, giving and receiving heart felt interactions with other human beings and our pets and nature.

What if…
Truly seeing, feeling and understanding the challenges of each person we encounter is all that really matters as we take our last breath before leaving the 3rd rock from the sun.

Something to contemplate

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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