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What if…

Everyone loves a villain and a hero. Everyone loves a great movie. Everyone loves a distraction from this all to painful reality here on the 3rd rock from the sun.Everyone loves a great tv series. Everyone watches the news, even though its mainly filled with drab and dreary stories.One part of the population goes about… Continue reading What if…

awareness, consciousness, multidimensional, spiritual

Clearing, Healing, Integration

We are all doing our very best from the level of consciousness we are at. We are all perfectly perfect in our imperfection. I would like to share this clearing and healing grid that I made. Feel the energy, allow the grid to assist you with any difficult situations. What comes up, feel it. Cry… Continue reading Clearing, Healing, Integration

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Trust is from the heart.

Charles Bukowski wrote about intelligent people being full of doubt and stupid people being so sure of themselves. I think we all contain a bit of both. The difference would be allowing and incorporating new information into your own personal story. Osho said something that has always stuck in my mind when he said, "Belief… Continue reading Trust is from the heart.