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Increasing Isolation

I have been seeing many individuals who are feeling this energy lately. Many who have decided isolation is much more appealing than struggling with the energy of people who no longer match the reality of where they are headed. Not knowing what it is but feeling much safer alone or in nature.

Gentleness is spiraling through life right now as many times before. Be gentle, tread softly on this world. Be gentle with your thoughts, emotions, your spirit and your physical body. It is definitely time for you to bring gentleness into everything that you do. Be gentle in your existence. Gentleness for yourself and others. Gentleness with your healing, learning and expanding.
Gentle is strong. No need to force anything, take a step forward into becoming more gentle with your daily life.

Worry is a misuse of imagination. No amount of worry about the past or what the future holds will bring the present moment to you any faster. Be present, that is where life is occurring. Go with the flow. Accidents happen when you are meant to be resting. When you are forging on when all life would like you to do is sit back and honor your personal flow. You will see more synchronicity, more alignment when you DO when it’s time to DO and BE when it is time to BE.

You know what peace is and you know when life aligns perfectly. It happens when you are gentle and allow life to guide you. Peace goes hand in hand with gentleness. It is perfectly possible to be soft and strong at the same time, and that is often when you are breathing in your peace. In this 3rd dimensional reality it is a challenge to maintain peace all the time. We get pushed and pulled in many directions all the time. This is an amazing time to stay centered in yourself. To always come back to your breath, feel the peace, feel the power of being in control of your space regardless of what is happening around you. This is how you change the world, through your own personal control of your reality. Peace. Gentleness. Presence.

And people wonder why the are alone?🤔
It is a part of the journey.
It doesn’t last for ever.
Emerge from your isolation, better, stronger and more vibrant, more of who you are. We are here. We will see you upon re-emergence!

Being surrounded by people who pull you out of your peace, or discover a network or tribe of people who honor your peace. Who respect and love you for who you are. No mask, no pretending to be someone you are not. Deep inside you feel and know the people that drain you and the people who love and support you. The people who would never judge, criticize or ask you to be someone you are not. The people who fully support you discovering who you are. The peaceful, gentle, honest, loving soul. The soul who is the kindest most loving spirit, the soul who feels that soft, gentle, peaceful is the way truly know who you are at the core of your being. Love lies there. Balance lies there. Truth lies there. And this is our journey back to our natural state. Honor yourself and who you truly are. 💜

A little bit of Jordan Peterson to help you through.

Increasingly people are staying in isolation to protect their peace. Slowly find your way to the others who ignite your soul on fire, who inspire your creativity and love. Those who you can be utterly authentic and transparent with. Those who hold space without judgement, allowing your true nature to shine through.

We are here and we are a reflection of who you are at the core of your being. Beyond the experiences of this life. Beyond ego, beyond this world and yet right here. Flowing with life, love, creativity, beauty. Honest, pure, real. You are the one you have been searching for.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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