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New Moon Revelations

The vibration of what I speak creates. Be mindful of the “spelling” I put out. A negative output will not create a positive experience.

50,000 thoughts a day, plus the words coming out of my mouth will create the environment and experiences I see.

Reflection and giving attention to learn the patterns or beliefs is one thing, but continually repeating the thoughts or speech will not create a new environment.

It’s a full time job to create a new reality, to bring new awareness into my life. 24/7 work! It is a continuous process to see deeper and deeper into what I am creating in every moment.

Only I can create a new me, a new reality, new experience. I am the “boss” of me. I am the only one who will change me. First for me, and then it ripples out into everything I do, every situation I experience and to every person I meet. I am a work in progress. I am doing my work to be the best me I can be, in each and every moment.

I am me and I am perfectly perfect right now. I work at my own pace as life arises. No need to force anything it all comes exactly the right moment. I am open to receive with grace and ease.

Happy New Moon


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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