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The Collectives, and the Pain Body ~ How to Gain More Freedom

There is a huge amout of pain and victimization working it’s way through the collective at this current time. We are seeing this play out on a global scale. The pain body is mentioned by Eckhart Tolle in some of his talks. I like to think of it as an entity, part of our shadow, and even part of our past lives or ancestral lineage. There are many different ways of thinking about it. We all have this link to a collective pain body. There are so many possibilities of how we could be linked to a pain body. One example of many possible pain bodies is a black woman who has a spiritual nature : 1. Human pain body. (birth, incarnating, childhood, physical, mental, emotional, amnesia, addiction) 2. Female/feminine pain body(giving birth, menstruation, rape, oppression, motherhood) *each of these things under female pain body could be a collective pain body 3. Race pain body. 4. Slavery pain body. *any group of people that we consider ourselves a part of, could potentially hold a collective pain body 5. Past Life pain bodies. *I say bodies here because every lifetime we may have experienced trauma could hold a pain body and the collective or group. Each individual will be different.

**There is also a male/masculine pain body. This can include, but is not limited to – shame for the suffering of women, rape(being raped, knowing about an incident, guilt of an act) abuse, violence, being told to “man up” or “boys don’t cry”

As you can see, there are almost a limitless amout of possible pain bodies for us to attach to and/or take on. If we identify with a group or collective, then it is entirely possible we may be holding onto a pain body. A reason for us to continue to be a victim. A mask so to speak. Any pain body we can see, we are on the way to break free from that pain. I am sure while you have been reading, you have noted a few more pain bodies/collectives I have not mentioned. There are way to many to list them, and I wouldn’t even be aware of all of them.

Wearing a mask of being a victim is a way to feel like we belong. Humans like to feel they are part of a group, included, comforted. Even if “belonging” is not entirely healthy or for our highest good. Often, this being part of a group helps us feel safe, secure, prevents us from being alone. If we didnt wear a mask or several, who would we be? Beneath all of our human-ness who are we?

The answer is along the journey back to our true selves, our natural state. Our nature is not cloaked in trauma, or pain bodies, it is who we truly are at the core of our being. Who we are before all this human stuff happened. The collective consciousness, not the collective unconscious. The energy that makes up everything, all living beings, the energy that cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

**Liberation from the pain body. I like to think of the pain body as an entity that is tormenting me. The torment may be mild to completely violent and out of control. The best example I used this for was my monthly cycle. I would often experience pain to the point of feeling like i would pass out. Each time I experienced the pain I would say things like “I see you, I see what you are trying to do to me” Sometimes I even taunted the pain “Oh, is that all you got” I definitely recommend seeing and feeling the pain, not denying it at all. Defiant Indigo spirit is coming out! LOL (my mother can attest to that…Oh, you don’t want me to do that, well guess what, that is exactly what I am going to do) This has been quite a useful and helpful technique that I used. I was able to release myself from that pain. I still get some pain, but I simply “call it out,” and it stops almost immediately. The pain will stop, and sometimes, it happens a few more times. I say I see you, no thank you! Not today! I’m not interested! Thanks for showing up, but move along! Haha, have some fun with it.

I have shared this technique with a few other women that experienced pain each month. They have had similar results with this as well. I hope you will give it a try.

Working with the pain body can be a large project. Once you start into the collective pain bodies, you will often find many sub-groups and it can continue into more and more healing. I usually begin listing off what I would like to cut cords with, heal, release…and then I will branch into something else, that leads me to another area of healing work.

Trust yourself to guide you exactly to the areas of healing that need some attention. You have deep within, everything you need. It may be out of sight, there maybe the dense energy you have collected up over the years, but your true self is there to be discovered and embraced as who you truly are beyond all else. May you see that wonderful magnificent being you are deep inside. Connected to everything, not separate at all. The pure beautiful energy that flows through each and every sentient being. The energy and life force of all.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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