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Energetic Shifts

There are many different reasons we feel an energetic shift around our own physical body. Removing trapped or blocked energy is the biggest one. I used to feel dizzy when I had a shower in the morning until I found this little trick in a book called Ascension Handbook. Water cleanses and clears your energy and if you have been doing some inner work, increasing awareness/consciousness you may get a bit of dizziness once in a while.

*Dizziness/dealing with an energetic shift*
Ask your higher self to synchronize your energy bodies should help with the dizziness.

Our energy bodies alternate with their flow. And energy we are removing or adding may put us off balance compared to what we have been used to. Synchronize your energy bodies after doing personal work, consciousness shifting, realizations, reflection, meditation….any time you feel that you have released patterns, beliefs, karma etc. If it doesn’t help after a few times of asking, then it is either a trust issue(self/guides/universe) or possibly medical. 💜

Please synchronize my energy bodies for my highest good.

If you are feeling any pain or discomfort in your body you may want to try this as well. Breathing through the shifting energy after asking this will also assist with moving the energy. Please open, activate and harmonize all my major and minor chakras at a comfortable level for me at this time.

This second half is going to be a big one for many people and all the tools in your toolbox are going to come in handy. I am pretty sure we are going to be using those skills and gaining some new ones to over the next few months to deal with the ever amplifying energy that is incoming. The energy is going to continue to accelerate, much like stairs. Raise, plateau, rise plateau. We will definitely need to keep up with our own personal growth, shadow work and expansion. The ebb and flow we each feel and experience will be slightly different, but there will be similarities running through each step of our own journey.

Have a wonderful day! Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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