8-8 Lions Gate 2019

This is another year, another layer, more truth as we each come closer and closer to embodying our highest potential in the here and now.

More clarity, more vision, more presence. More and more love, more and more self care. More healthy boundaries, more feeling rather than thinking, more pattern and cycle endings and beginnings, more busting through to our own unique expressions of us.

More breaking through to our authentic selves, more confidence, more real tangible, practical use of our countless remembering experiences along our spiritual path.

We are bringing the energy that the universe is sending to us, processing the changes in the solar activity, Schumann fluctuations and learning how to function with these higher and higher frequencies being sent our way.

As we clear our vessel we anchor this new energy. Wherever we are along our own unique path, is exactly where we are meant to be. We may think we need to be more advanced, think we are more advanced then we actually are. We are integrating a lot of new learning, new frequencies, new expansion….please be patient with yourself. We as a society are in uncharted waters. Never before in the history of this have we been exactly where we are now, with these diverse issues. We tend to be patient with others and we forget about ourselves.

We are creating energetic heaven on this earth. We cannot snap our fingers and make it happen. We can however, get the momentum building, as we look after our own square meter of the planet. Meaning, being completely responsible for the energy we bring into this world and the energy we hold in our own unique energetic fields. I see the changes, ever so subtle, and some not so subtle at all.

I see how my own reality, beliefs, energy, thinking, feeling, perception has shifted and changed since…I was going to say since a year ago, then i was thinking since January but realized significant changes have happened in the last 2 months….then again I have had rather huge realizations most days lately even more than one some days. I am sure most people reading this can see the shifts within themselves as well. And the rate of speed at which they are occurring. We used to have much more down time for processing such breakthroughs even a few years ago. Not anymore, full speed ahead.

The Lions Gate is rapidly approaching and all I can say is get grounded, get present with yourself and other and see how fast you begin to shift your reality, for yourself and others. Keep your energy clear, life is much better with less drama, less stress and declutter your life, physically, mentally and emotionally. Observe, who takes your energy and who charges your batteries, same goes for your work. Does it make you happy or bring you pain.

One big question I ask myself lately is “Where is my energy?” In other words what am I giving energy to, who am I giving energy to, and does this serve my highest good, or the good of all? I find that it has been bringing me into the moment, and helping me be aware of my own bullshit. What am I creating?

Your future self will thank you.

Jenn Moreau


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