Shamanic Journey and Generational Healing

I went to a shamanic drumming circle a few weeks back. This was a first for me. There were 3 sets of drumming.

The first was connecting with a spirit animal or a kindred soul journey. As I settled in I connected with a hawk and we sat in silence and enjoyed the company of our energy.

The next journey was connecting with an ancestor, relative, or guide and I relaxed and felt the energy of the drumming and a female energy appeared into my consciousness. This person did not have a face but was made of light and I could feel that the energy was more of a female. This time, as she outstretched her shimmering energy, like a hand, I heard the words “please, come with us”. It felt very warm and inviting, very positive and heart centered. We didnt go anywhere, but I felt it was more of a welcoming into a consciousness flow. If that makes any sense at all.

Finally, we did somewhat of a past life journey, but in a very different way than I have experienced, previous. It was guided to start with and then he went into the drumming. If you have every done a past life meditation, and I definitely recommend it. Over the years I have gotten quite a bit of information about my personality, people currently in my life, all things that I have been able to use to clear energy, bring more awareness into my life, release myself from situations, understand why people are in my life, the list goes for the benefits I have gained towards my personal growth. He began by taking us through a forest scene and came to a small opening in a tree or in the ground, as we entered the hole we met up with our spirit animal or kindred spirit from the first journey and they accompanied us down deep into the earth. Which, since I met a hawk in the first journey, I decided to hop on his back and fly down to the door at the bottom. Mike, who was leading the journey explained before hand what would be behind the door when we reached it. This was a very strange way of doing past life work to me but, I gave it a try. He explained when we opened the door to a crypt we would see may bodies laying on stone slabs and those would represent our lifetimes. As we walked through the crypt we would see one of the bodies glowing and that was the body we would put our hand on and begin our journey when he started drumming. It was a bit of a strange way to me but off I went into the journey. As he began drumming, I placed my hand on the body that was lit up. Immediately, I saw Odin and Freya, it took me a second but one was on either side of me, together we were flying through the ethers and then I found myself in a small cottage with a woman and there was a child there as well. The woman was very sad and crying, the child was on the floor playing. She was cooking and felt like she knew I was leaving and didnt really want me to go. I had a sense of urgency, like I was being called to go. I was dressed in Viking battle gear, or ready for an exploration trip. I felt the other men calling to me, like they knew I wasn’t there yet. I was going to leave but I felt it was important for me to stay for a few more minutes. Telepathically, I said I was sorry that I was leaving, and that I didnt mean to never come back. I am sorry for aĺl the pain and grief I cause to both people in front of me. I said I was sorry for causing feelings of abandonment and any other pain I caused. I told them that I loved them, and hugged them both. Back in the room I was in, I could hear the indications that the drumming was coming to a close from the rhythm as we were informed of before. This was the rhythm noting we need to come back from our journey.


I really enjoyed the information I received from the session and it was beneficial to myself and the souls I connected with in my last journey, I am sure of it. I do know the souls I saw in my final journey and I will keep that to myself. They are both currently in my life and I will honor their privacy here. There are great healing benefits to be had from doing past life meditations and journeying. Spending the time for yourself can be quite beneficial to all involved and you will often see how your life and relationships will shift after. I have done many healing meditations and they do continue to contribute to freeing up more of your own energy. We are at a time when we are gathering up the energy that we have left throughout the universe in many different times and places so we can put ourselves together again.

At this time in our evolution/ascension we will need to have access to every bit of who we are and all our energy returned to us. We are incredibly powerful beings when we are whole. When we do this healing work we are not only helping ourselves but the others involved, and also we are assisting the collective consciousness of humanity. We may not always see how the work we are doing for ourself, helps humanity but it is the collective energy that we all share. We are spiritual being having a human experience and we are all connected through these experiences of humanity. We all do our small part to assist the whole. As we heal ourselves we are often healing through our entire family lineage, breaking cycles, stopping patterns. And as we do this for each of us, we also release future generations from experiencing those patterns and cycles.


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