Spiritual Closet

Yes, there is a spiritual closet. Are you in or out?

I was in this closet for years. However, I don’t really believe it’s a matter of in or out. It’s a process of sticking your foot out, or a hand, maybe a leg sometimes and then retreating. It’s like you test the waters, push the boundaries of who you used to be. As we shed the layers of the old self there is a time where we are getting used the new us. There is also a testing period to see if others will see the changes, how they will react and if we are ready to stand in our new found truth.

Our spiritual journey is one of peeling back our own layers, finding new ways to be, new like minded people, seeing if the old friends we had will maybe come with us on our journey. Truth is everyone has their own journey and while sometimes we ride the train together, sometimes we part ways. Sometimes we come back into each others lives, just to double check if there is anything in common, how they are doing or how we are doing. Learn a little more and move on again.

A few years ago I wrote this and I am going to share it, as it is the reason for this post.

Who is in the “spiritual closet”? I was for years, but I don’t hide anymore. I completely understand as I have spent years slowly introducing the newest version of myself to others. It can be a slow process to become comfortable with the changes that almost happen by the minute. Shedding old energy and family cycles and history. As we all discover who we are and why we are on the planet. I don’t often share but I encourage others to share their stories….

Every soul has come here for a completely different reason. May unconditional love, true light, and healing be allowed by all. When we clean up our own square meter of the planet, we completely open up a space for others to do the same. Change the inside and the outside can do nothing but begin to change as well. 💜💙💚

I have also found along the path of self discovery that aside from worrying about how others will see us, we also probably at one point or many points along we will think we are completely crazy, mad, insane, need to be locked up and what ever else. Yep, it’s true I have been thought it a few times myself. The most soothing thing to say for me is, yep the unseen world is more real than the seen.

I have been very lucky to have not experienced a hospital or medication but I am well aware that many are given medication and also put in hospitals. Sometimes more than once.

Back to the spiritual closet and the peeling of layers. Slowly, slowly I started to post more and more spiritual memes, status updates about gratitude and quotes from Osho to Einstein to Tesla. Now, if I post something that happens in my everyday life, that’s unusual. I have changed the people I spend time with over the years as I continue to work on me it is an ever changing evolution of reality.

Levels of energy change, degrees of consciousness change, what we talk about and what we think about change. The learning and growing is infinite, keep moving forward, changing, evolving. Every person you meet has a piece of your puzzle. Take that leap and get out there and find those keys for unlocking your uniqueness.

Funny little video I thought I would add, how you enjoy it.

May your journey take you everywhere you want to be. The doorway is open, take those steps into new realities. It could even be a fence, get off it, jump in. The rabbit hole is waiting for you. Best advice, be the mentor, friend, guide to those who search, be the person you never had when you were trying to look beyond.

Jenn Moreau

And some have simply cultivated some discernment around what they share with others. They don’t drop pearls in front of swine….

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