Be Fearless, BE YOU!

What is your soul calling you to experience? Where is love calling for your attention? How long will you continue to hold back? When will you jump? Why are you not answering?

That little piece of you that is trying to protect you?

That little voice that says you can’t?

What excuses have you been giving yourself? I don’t have the money or the resources? I don’t have the time? How?

All these excuses not to face our fears, all the reason you can’t or won’t even try…But what if you can and and you do! There is also the fear of success lurking in the shadows.

What then?

Fear of the known, but fear of the unknown….the fear of change. Doesn’t matter if it’s good, bad, or really ugly. It’s the fear and it’s the change.

We get comfortable, secure, safe……and normal, sane!

What could be more insane than the holding back, or routine?

Growth doesn’t happen there. It happens when we embrace the unknown, surrender to the excitement, hug the unknowable, jump off the cliff and trust that it’s the best, most awesome, possibility, when we just DO IT! Decide! YOU GOT THIS, YOU CAME HERE TO EXPERIENCE, TO MASTER YOURSELF, CONQUER YOUR FEARS, BE WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE

Life is waiting for you to follow your heart and soul, they know the way, trust them.



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