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Back to Basics ~Language of Light

I began opening up to Language of Light(LL) in 2015. I had been reading a book called Downloads from the 9 by Matias Flury. I began by writing symbols and later had verbal language coming through me.

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In late 2017 I began working on a reading for people now called the Starseed Blueprint Reading. It is a focus on personal energy related to a person’s ascension journey. It covers a great many areas depending on what is needed for each person. I discovered that I could use part of the reading to identify where LL was from or the Star Race/ level of energy it was linked to. Very exciting for me at the time.

I often set the intention to bring through the symbols or energetics that are needed for myself or humanity or even linked to a certain topic.

Abundance codes

Language of Light is heart felt and heart centered. It comes through you not from you in a way. You are simply a vessel expressing the energy. It is not something to be understood mentally, but felt by your soul/spirit. I find all forms of LL are needed first for the person who is creating the vibration. If you feel the need to know the origin of your particular style of LL then pend some time intuitively inquiring about it. It may not be necessary to know, or you may know right away.

There are more and more people practicing LL and expressing it in different ways. It could be through hand motions, dance, verbally (spoken or singing) it can be symbols or photos. Mandalas or sigils, they can be digital or hand drawn. As long as it is an expression from the heart with a pure intention you have some LL.

It could be stated that all creativity that comes from the heart is Language of Light. Since all creativity comes from the soul/spirit beyond our conscious mind. Then it is entirely possible with our pure intentions we are all creating from the light for humanity. Whether it is done consciously or unconsciously, it comes from our dimension of reality. Beyond this current reality we reside in.

A few of my drawings over the years.

Another resource/website I intently studied was sent to me by a friend in 2015. (The website is below the next photo.) This was also very helpful (in addition to the book above)to me in opening up more to higher dimensional energy and ultimately Language of Light.

Many people have added LL into the courses they offer. It is a very good way to communicate a lot of information through energy and vibration. I remember reading that a single symbol could contain volumes and volumes of information that could take lifetimes to mentally understand. It is a very efficient way to communicate compared to our 3D language. Spoken word as we normally communicate is very limited compared to the feelings, sensations and energy we receive through LL.

I love this video from Got Talent Global. Shivers, recognition of the soul. The first thing I said was Holy cow thats Light Language!

This is also a wonderful activation of Light Language from Yantara Jiro. I have shared this many times. When I first came across this video I can’t even tell you how many times I listened to it. I absolutely worked to embody the frequencies that were being put out. I listened over and over until there was a feeling of joy and a smile on my face.

In 2018 I went to an adventure weekend and met a wonderful group of women. We shared our healing modalities individually and also had group time. At the end of day one, we had a zoom call with Ann and Bill of Clearly Conscious. Ann spoke Language of Light and Bill channeled a message to the group. Day 2 turned into a Galactic Event. A few of us shared our experiences, there was really high energy. One of the women talked about how she understood everything Ann was saying and later on she spoke Language of Light and shared individual messages for some at a future group event we had. It was a beautiful experience and I made some great connections to like minded souls.

You never know who or what you will find when you follow your heart.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

These are a hand drawn and digital representation a friend of mine made. Christian Newbigging was one of my favorite people on this planet. Christian traveled with me From Ontario to British Columbia. I was on my healing journey and Christian came along to see family. Christian passed away early in 2021. I miss the science, philosophy and art conversations we had for almost 5 yrs. This is how he saw the chakras in a meditation.

Photos by Christian Newbigging “The Jellyfish Light Being”

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  1. I love as fortunate to have Jenn Moreau do a reading for me. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable. She’s amazing.

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