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Back to Basics ~ Fractals

Various Fractal Creations Unknown Artists

Fractals are such a huge and vast sea of information. I don’t even know where to start or which direction to take with this. From all corners of nature and the universe we see the Golden Spiral or Fibonacci Sequence creating fractals.

I had a shift in my own interpretation of chakras and the nature of the spiritual journey. I began to think of them as spirals heading deeper and deeper within. Each time we moved deeper into the fractal of our own chakras we began to access new levels and dimensions of knowledge and wisdom that brought us closer to our true nature. I also began to feel that our journey inwards was an infinite sea of discovery. Call them chakras or portals or gates that open inward, back to the core of our being and who we actually are. Fractal Pattern of the Golden Spiral/Fibonacci Sequence.

Photos from over the years

There is so much information out on the “interwebs” about this topic. From the amazing photos, the math of fractal patterns, the science and Quantum branches, the Mandelbrot, science and creations. And also the many spiritual interpretations. If this is all very interesting and you feel drawn to explore more then absolutely pursue fractal information. The time you spend will be well worth it.

This is quite an extensive article I found while doing some research for this article. I was looking for something that was quite comprehensive and not overly technical, mathematical or scientific. Quite good in many ways.

Nautilus Shell Natural Fibonacci Sequence

The first deck of cards I ever bought was Divine Guidance by Cheryl Lee Harnish. It was only later after creating my own fractal deck with Amber Kieffer that I realized that the first deck was also fractal images. I also added in a section into the Energy Worker course that had fractal information and images to meditate on for expansion, clearing, brain balancing, etc.

Cards decks with fractal images

This is one of my favorite Mandelbrot fractal sets to meditate with.



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