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June Reading 2022

I feel a reading coming on. Didn’t quite get it done yesterday. I just pulled out 4 decks of cards!! I am open to see the flow!
I feel like this is not only a reading for me! We are all able to open up to the Quantum Yumminess! Getting into our groove and flow of this natural state! I pulled some cards today and this was what showed up!

Such an amazing way to start a brand new day, week!
This month is jam packed with energy from the Planets, Solstice and as always the moon phases! Flow with energy, ride the waves! Not only a drop in the ocean, open up to being the whole entire ocean!

I simply pulled the decks out of my milk crate storage container. I didn’t hesitate or flinch or question, simply action. Yesterday I was feeling the energy of using the Cosmic Deck of Initiation, I made sure to choose that one.

June 2022

Walk your truth ~ We are definitely here to do that at this time. No matter what level you are at on your journey, walk your truth. Be open to new information, but definitely discover what resonates deep within your core and embody that within every area of your life. You know your truth by how it feels.

Earth Angel ~ We all have guides from the other side. Often, we have more than one. And, we have been those guides. We in fact have an energetic team that guides and supports us. Different guides will make their presence know at different times. It all depends upon what we are experiencing here on earth.

The Blood Dance ~ The choice to incarnate in human form at this time. At this time, of a great shift for humanity and the possibility of great leaps an bounds in our personal soul evolution. We have all come to learn, heal, expand, evolve, ascend to new levels. You are here to create. What are you creating? How are you doing? We are here to remember.

Dragon ~ The masculine energy of action. Action as a man or as a woman is mean to look and feel different. We are here to embody both masculine and feminine energy no matter what physical body we have. Action is part of the manifesting process. Thoughts, Speech and Action all in alignment with the highest good of all.

Good Fortune ~ When we are in alignment, coming from a place of truth and authenticity we see synchronicity more often, good things begin to happen. We feel good, we are lucky. It all works out.

Money ~ Money has energy. What do you think about money? How do you feel about people who have money? Do you have limiting beliefs around money? Do you feel that the universe has unlimited abundance, do you feel you have access to that unlimited money? You are not here to merely survive, you’re here to thrive!

Universal Freedom “Free you’re mind and the rest will follow” En Vogue That song popped in my head when I read Universal Freedom. The many layers of the subconscious often leaves us trapped until we learn how to unpack that baggage. Often one step at a time before we get to flow with Freedom. Baby steps, go easy on yourself, but keep moving forward. Removing one layer will always reveal another, that is the nature of the spiritual journey.

Law of Free Will ~ What can I say. There is always an opportunity to make a new choice. It can be a small choice or a huge choice. There is always a chance to make another one. If you feel you can’t then see Universal Freedom above.

Universal Abundance ~ Abundance is not only about money. There is time, love, money, just about anything you can think of. Books, clothes, pots and pans, cars, shoes, courses, lessons, expansion, growth, friends, counseling! What do you have an abundance of? Is it something you chose to have an abundance of? What can you do to create an abundance of something useful and helpful to yourself and others?

Miracles ~ I absolutely love that this card is blank! It shows the unlimited creative potential of the imagination. Create your own miracles! Make it happen, dream big, start small and work towards (take action) bringing your vision into reality. Personally, I have spent most of my life dismantling and have invested little in creating what I choose. So much so, that I have a very difficult time imagining what I would like to create. Sometimes, I get a burst of creativity and make it happen. As for what I would like the future to look like for me. I draw a blank. I go with the flow until creativity bites me in the ass. Then I take action, jump and see what happens. Some say that is living in the moment and that’s where life happens.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and insights. Smile! 😊 It’s amazing for you!


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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