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Spirit Guides and Your Personal Energetic Team

Your guides with shift as you need them. Not all will stay with you. Many people ask the question about who their guides are. Some people follow certain religions or philosophies and they often always call on God or Jesus or Buddha or certain Archangels linked to their beliefs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this way asking for assistance. There is nothing wrong with calling on past loved ones, ancestors, spirit animals, Hindu Dieties. Egyptian gods or goddesses, Celtic or Viking deities. Tree spirits, plant medicine energy the possibilities are endless. Which ever “energies” you feel most comfortable with its ok to ask for assistance. When calling new energy, please be gentle with yourself. Have some patience and feel the energy. Take note of the differences you experience in the situation, the feeling in your body, the energy around you.

Breathe, contemplate, feel into this statement.

Take some time. Read up on the different people/gods or goddesses, or animals you see while you are scrolling through social media there may be an amazing signpost or message for you. I like to use This sight has a list of words associated with the spirit animals you may be looking up, as well as related information from different cultures that recognize the animals significance. I will also Google search different “mythological” or historic figures with the word meaning after or metaphysical meaning of ___blank___. Little tricks I’ve learned over the years for remembering what the soul knows.

Unknown artist

As I began my journey I began asking if any and all guides with pure intentions can help me. It has been very awesome to discover who has helped me along my way. Through looking up different Dieties, Archangels and Ascended Masters over the years I have been able to realize who has been helping me with certain situations. I like to think they are all standing around tapping their feet waiting for us to ask, so we can receive.

I currently use “my current energetic team” please assist me with whatever it may be I need help with. I have learned that I may have a name come to me or a symbol that I would know represents a certain guiding energy. I don’t really spend much time thinking about who it specifically is. I understand that the intention and actually asking for the help is the most important thing. I remember reading that no higher energetic beings with pure intentions will not help unless you are asking. This really is because they will not infringe on your free will. It is your given right to struggle. But….what if, the way to hack that is simply asking for assistance? What if, life could unfold with grace and ease if we were open to allowing it to be so? What if, you were aware enough to ask for help when you really needed it?

After reading a book called Downloads from the Nine by Mathias Flury my world opened up even further. I began drawing and writing codes. Speaking Language of Light. At that point I realized my guides had really changed and expanded even more. This was an exciting time where my reality shifted even more than I had in the past.

February 2019

Many years have gone by since then. I like to keep life a bit more practical and useful to everyday life. I have gone a little deeper inward and follow my intuition more now. I trust that I’m headed where I need to be and with those in human form who can guide me further into healing and evolution. I still look up animal when I see or hear about the same animal more than once. I figure thats a sign to see the message and receive the guidance when a hawk or eagle, horse or cow even chickens cross my path.

The best guide you will ever find is the empowerment you will get from deep inside your own heart. Buried deep within you is your own intuition, your higher self. Your heart and mind, your inner child, that truly is the very best guide you can ever follow.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be aware, awake, raising your vibration with life as it is unfolding?


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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