What you sow, you will reap, the mind is a powerful tool.

This video was one of the first I found. I discovered this just after I was sitting in my house and realized I wasn’t any happier than I was before I had all the things our family and society tell us will make us happy.

As I listen to this again for about the 8th time, I realized how packed full of amazing helpful information it is. It takes you on a journey of religion, philosophy, spirituality, manifestation, mindfulness, universal/natural laws. I’m sure it is packed full of even more realizations.

This short video was a real guide for me when I began my search for what more is there to life if it isn’t a house, car or career. I had already decided kids wasn’t something I wanted and my relationship that was on and off for 19 yrs ended.

This video was discovered while searching for what is the more, that is out there.

I was talking to a friend earlier today and she said “What you sow, you reap.” I think that is a good prompt to share this video as I had rediscovered it only a few days ago. Maybe it can do for you, like it has done for me. I hope you enjoy the video.


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