Jenn is a Spiritual Life Coach and Usui Reiki Master who is also trained in Animal/Pet Reiki. Assisting individuals to navigate through awakening as an empath, awakening to our multiple dimensional nature, starseed realizations, inner child trauma healing, healthy ego integration and the many perspectives of different cultures and philosophies. Also working with you to explore your beliefs, family patterns and ancestral, personal and family karma/trauma. Jenn has explored many of the different aspects of energetic work. From pain management, trapped or blocked and stuck energy, internal as well as external energies and energy that does not belong to us. How to clear and work with the energy of our ever changing journey while in this 3rd dimensional reality.

*Emotional Release Distance Reiki Session. This session is Emotion Release Reiki from past subconscious emotional experiences. A combination of several modalities that is noticeably effective in releasing emotions that cause stuck, trapped or blocked emotional energy from the body and mind. Helping to free energy and assisting you to move forward in life.

*Usui Reiki Distance Session Personal or Animal. With crystal grid, chakra work, moving energy, lessening pain or anxiety for the highest good.

*Distance Energetic Clearing- Often people, places or things may need an energetic cleansing. Homes, properties, situations for all involved including pets. During this clearing old karma from past lives may come up for an individual, family curses, dense energy, spiritual binding new or ancestral. It really does depend on what comes up when I do the clearing, it’s always different.

Please contact me for further information on energy exchange for sessions.

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*These sessions are not meant to replace professional medical assistance or counseling in any way.

*Exchanges of services may be an option and can definitely be discussed prior to the session.

Thank you for supporting me in my own personal journey while empowering yourself.

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