Practice seeing who you are.

See, acknowledge and learn from your dark and the dark of others. It is your greatest teacher of choice. Choosing different, choosing to heal, choosing cooperation, choosing love, choosing kindness, choosing compassion. Choosing to be love, to be yourself, who you actually are at the core of your being….the awareness deep inside, not separate from only disguised by the traumatic energy of being in human form. The way out is through. 💌

I believe all that is brought to the light from within our shadow selves then becomes light.
There is no duality within unity consciousness, only polarity. Different shades of the same oneness.

Observe yourself and others. Observe your thoughts, feelings, situations. Breathe. The moment you take a step back, relax and reflect on what is happening inside and outside of yourself, you are setting yourself up to respond to life consciously. Awareness happens. It gives you the few moments you need come from a place of clarity rather than chaos. Breathe.

Practice seeing who you are from a place of peace. See your natural state. As you slowly increase the amount of time between thoughts, feelings that may or may not belong to you, or the pause in situations, who you truly are at the core of your being has an opportunity to shine through.

Jenn Moreau


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