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Permission Slips, Activations and Reclaiming Your Universe

I was watched a video by Darryl Anka who was channeling Bashar a while back and he was talking about permission slips. The phrase permission slips has been entering my mind lately and a few people I know have been talking about activations and how they could not understand what they were. It is a term that is being passed around the “spiritual community” like candy. Permission Slips are our own beliefs. Whether we have created them or we have picked them up from others. They are what we allow into our reality.

Now I have been rolling around the idea of what an activation actually is, so ultimately I could explain it to my friends who were laughing about the latest catch phrase being tossed around aimlessly. And this is when permission slip started entering my mind fairly often.

So I decided to toss out my theory to one of my friends. I said, hey remember when you guys were talking about activations and you couldn’t really figure out what it actually meant? Here’s the explanation I came up with. An activation is a permission slip. It’s a permission slip that someone is giving to another person allowing them to be bigger than they feel they are. Letting a person know that is alright to think and see outside the box that they ultimately created for themselves. Giving them permission to see more truth, to experience more life, to find out more about why they came here to this planet in the first place. My friend said, “hey it’s like giving them a key to unlock more of their own personal universe. Well, they already have the key they just don’t know it.” YES

Permission Slips are also belief systems. They are what you will allow into your personal universe. They are the basis for all that you will experience. If you believe something to be true then it certainly will be. This applies to cycles and patterns. Some cycles are karmic family and personal patterns that are subconscious/unconscious. These patterns/permissions seem to fade as soon as they are seen and brought into our consciousness. Other permissions are our personal beliefs. Both are often unconscious. As soon as we bring these beliefs into our consciousness and are seen by the light of day they begin to dissolve. We often take on these beliefs/permission slips from other people. Awareness and action within our own reality will dissolve these illusions. Check in with yourself, question yourself every time you say “I believe”. Check whether it is your own belief, whether it someone else’s and whether if feels true to you. Cultivate that pattern of questions for yourself.

Check your reality!

I don’t know how everyone else feels about this and it really is irrelevant. This explanation works for me at this time and it has worked for my 2 friends at this time in our current understanding. With that being said, I would like to add what I feel is some supporting information. Here is an article about Universal Laws I found quite beneficial in my journey.


I like to the the law of soul evolution means that anything that you ask for to further YOU along your spiritual path that is for your highest good will be brought into your existence. Trick is you must be aware that the thing exists for one, and two you must ask for what you would like. Permission Slip. You are asking for an expansion of your consciousness through your awareness of a certain thing. You are that powerful. You have the ability to integrate into your existence anything that is for your highest good. Now, that being said you will receive those things as you are ready. You will not be given anything more than you can handle, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. Ask away!

Please integrate ______________(insert whatever it may be) into my existence so that it is there when I need it and it is fully accessible to me. Thank you God, higher-self, angels, ancestors, guides….whoever you speak to when you pray/ask.

The Universal Law of Karmic Dispensation is also a very good tool to use for yourself and others and is explained in the link below. Tools for personal empowerment.

The Universal Law of Karmic Dispensation

Empowering one soul at a time.
Another Universal Law that just may come in handy. Changed behavior is the best way to show your serious. You have the personal power, use it wisely.

That’s how powerful you are!


A quick energy check
1. Find out if the energy is yours. Do the empath clearing. If you don’t feel it leave the it’s yours.
2. If it’s yours then follow the process of figuring out what it is to acknowledge it etc
3. If it feels like an astral beings that doesn’t feel neutral or positive then assert your power and claim your space. Tell it to leave cause it doesn’t have permission to be in you space.

If it’s yours, it is part of your particular healing journey. The more you claim your space and clear your trauma, the less it happens. It does become easier.

© 2022 Jenn Moreau

8 thoughts on “Permission Slips, Activations and Reclaiming Your Universe”

  1. and i would add to that friend’s definition, using the key-
    “it is like making a key, for that person that says they lost it, to their OWN STOREHOUSE, or own dwelling, in which lies all that they could ever wish for to help them along, be it health, attitude, or whatever means they need to advance.
    you see, it was always THEIR storehouse, and actually they only THINK they lost the key…
    yet, still, me making the key is such a small part, of the persons dilemma- yet necessary when they have convinced themselves they need a spare key-”
    thank you

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