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Are you the ONE?

In every family there is a healer. I first heard this from Wayne Noel. I am not sure where he heard it, one of his mentors, I am sure of it.
What does this really mean? Are you the ONE? Are you able to see the healer from your family? How do you define the healer?
The one thing that keeps jumping into my head is the black sheep of the family. The one who is a little off, as my own dad has told me, I am. LOL The one who cries a lot is very sensitive, which is a superpower, by the way. The one who uses natural remedies. The one that has had several breakdowns and possibly ended up in the hospital or been put there. The one who has had the most “issues.” By issues, I mean fitting into what society deems as normal. The lone wolf, the survivor, the, the warrior, the empath. The quiet one. Many other descriptions may come to mind. These are the healers.
The ones who have had the most difficult times, and still after all the trials and tribulations this life throws at them, they still are here to tell their story, show their strength, and help others make it through just like they did. Often, these souls are the ones that feel they don’t have any support. They feel different, and they don’t know why. Quite often, they may not make it through and take their own life. It is quite sad and tragic, but even with their death, they are opening a space for others to heal.

One of the biggest things I have come across, is they do not feel heard, they do not feel like anyone is in their corner or at least not the one person they feel like it would matter. They are fighting the system, family, and societal boundaries, and often the boundaries they have placed on themselves. This can also place them in a state of being the victim. Being a victim is also one of the things I have noticed. Feeling defeated and then always returning to that place of victimhood.
Our mind can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy. Getting to a place where we are tired of our own bullshit and deciding to do something about is a huge place to be. Reflection.
Reflecting on life, our place in the world, our own capabilities, our beliefs, our motives. Being able to reflect is awareness. And with everything, it takes a bit of practice. Once we have put this into practice, it soon becomes second nature. We begin unraveling our stories, our beliefs, our motivations for doing things. It starts with being completely honest with ourselves. Reflecting on whether the reason we give ourselves for doing something is actually the truth. The truth will set you free, but first, it is going to piss you off.
Once this reflection of yourself has been happening, you begin to see things with clarity, and you also seem to see right through the motives of the people around you. You see things in a different light, so to speak. You have opened a space for yourself to heal, and you are also making room for the people around you to do the same. There is no bottom, top, or side to the depth and breadth of what you will begin to experience.
Get tired of your own crap, stop being a victim, and begin reflecting, and you can’t expect the truth from others, but you at least need to be honest with yourself. You can do it.
This will not work for everyone. It is what I did and continue to do. We are all here this life to experience different things, but I think it’s a good start for many.

Start from where you are right now. There is no going back to change the past, and you are the writer of your future. The best we can do with the past is feel it, heal it, learn from it, and thank it for making you who you are.
We have cycles and generations accessible to us. 14 generations before us, and our actions will affect the 14 generations after us.
We see the pain from childhood, birth, and even in the womb. We feel everything our mothers went through while they were pregnant with us. This is how I have come to understand this. Our DNA is well programmed in a way. In the first trimester, we develop our love quotient. This affects our lives from birth to 7yrs years old. Then, in the second trimester, we develop our emotional quotient, which has a great effect from 7-14 yrs. And the third trimester will effect our mental quotient, this effects 14-21 yrs.(from The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd) There will be other factors such as environment that will also effect our development during these years as well.
Recently, this week, I was able to have a chat with my own mother and ask her about my time in the womb and my birth. It was a very good for both of us and it has given me a few more things to contemplate about my personality and belief systems. If possible, I definitely recommend having this chat with your own mom. It can add some new insights to your own healing journey.

I do feel there will be another part to this article. Maybe we shall see. Happy Reflecting!
Jenn Moreau
Much Love and Many Blessing

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