Beliefs, Cycles Personal and Learned

It occurred to me that often we are closing doors of opportunity by belief systems. The cure is awareness, which is a full time job. Being tired of our own bullshit is one thing, and actually doing something about it is a whole other level of consciousness. We all start somewhere, often it takes us to the depths of grief, or pain, o0r trauma, or financial ruin to actually make us realize we don’t want to experience this again. And, yes it may take a few times for us to see the pattern or cycle.

Our parents teach us, what their parents taught them, or at least try to. But, think about it. None of us are every prepared to be parents. Parents are winging it from the seat of their pants. They do the best they can with what they got from their parents. And on and on the cycles goes and this isn’t just about raising kids, it is patterns of physical, mental, and emotional abuse or neglect, even alcoholism or drug abuse. Until one day, a child yells out this stops here. I refuse. I will not be like this. I will not allow what has happened to me happen to me or my children. It can be a small thing or it can be huge. But, one person in a family needs to stop the cycle. Saying I will no longer allow anyone in my family be a victim of this. It stops with me, not carrying on that family trauma or karma. This is what changes lives of future generations.

It all starts choices and awareness. It’s hard to tell, but I believe they are equally important. It starts with oh man I did this before and I don’t want to do it again. Doesn’t matter what it is. I am sure you have said that to yourself at some point. It is, in the beginning an unconscious decision. But, it is the beginning. We know what the consequences are of that choice and we choose not to do something. That knowing is full of awareness even if it is not conscious.

I remember reading about the zodiac sign Scorpio when I was a teen. I was thinking oh that sounds like me, and really making a note of all the negative things they said are potential attributes. I said ok, I am not going to be jealous. And I made a conscious effort through high school and into my adult life constantly checking my motives to find any hint of jealously and not acting on those things I deemed to be motivated by jealousy. And it worked very well. I seemed later in life to come across other things that I was able to apply the jealousy rules to. And I still check myself around my personal motives for many different things other than jealousy. You just never know where things will lead you if you put some awareness and consciousness into the mix.

Most of our beliefs come from our family. This is the reference we have. They are our first contact so to speak with life. Some never change what they have been taught to believe, some never question life. They are comfortable with what they learned and they live their whole life by those rules or beliefs. Then there is the group that question everything. They question laws and rules, they defy the norm. They have the beliefs deep down inside and they feel restricted by them. But, they may never question themselves or change the beliefs, they don’t know they can. And that is almost the same as the first group who follows all the rules they have been told. Then the other group are the ones who question everything, including themselves. The ones who understand why the laws are in place but often feel they are merely a suggestion. They see that the rules or beliefs don’t necessarily apply to everyone or everything. They know at some level of their consciousness they can change these rules for themself. Know that there are varying degrees within each of these 3 I have listed. Often they are naturally blurred. We may be one way about one thing and another way about another. It is quite interesting.

I think having the awareness of what beliefs we have is a good start. Not always easy but, they show up. Something we say all the time can be a belief and not always a good belief. It may be subconsciously limiting something that we are dreaming about. Sending out the energy we don’t want rather than supporting what we are looking for in life. Sometimes we can even know at some level it is the same thing we have already done in the past and don’t want to happen again, but we do it anyway. Our ego says, I know, BUT it’s going to be different this time, I can make it better. Nope, ends up to be the same. The choice not to do something or stop before doing something was the change that was required. Old patterns are something we fall into along the way which turn the situation into having the same outcome.

In order to have new experience we will need to make new and different choices than we have made in the past. There is no comfort in growth, always creating new and different takes some awareness and change. Stopping our self from doing the things we have done in the past, removing outdated beliefs that do not correspond with new experiences.

Life does not have to be consistently the same, it can be fun and easy and believe me adding that personal awareness into the mix, that’s what creates the change of our beliefs and cycles and patterns. And choices. If you want something new, you are going to have to do something new.


Much Love and Many Blessing!


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