1-11 Energy

It has been quite an interesting day.

I woke up at 7:38 and I have been on the phone non-stop since. This is the first opportunity I have had today to joy down some ideas about the whirlwind of energy. It even started last night. I had a Skype call for about 2 hrs with Amber Kieffer who assisted with her beautiful artwork on the Fractal Evolution Oracle cards. Then I spoke to Joe for an hour and I was able to connect him with Wayne who does Qigong today.

I spoke to Christian for an hour and a half. He had some amazing ideas for future projects, we talked about the nature of beliefs, structures and the cosmos.

I have planned out another time for our next meeting of the minds. We had a very casual group this past Sunday. It was awesome to connect and share what we each do and our contact info. I was able to pick the next day for a meeting arrange the time and we have also expanded to include more like minded individuals to join us. And we are very excited about the balance of male and female energy coming together. We are all healers. We have done it and are doing it for ourselves everyday. We are coming together to share our wisdom.

Waves of realizations. It has been talked about by many explaining these waves. 3 waves of awakening. 1st are the wayshowers, the healers, the grid workers and many more. We are blazing the trail for those in the second and 3rd waves. The waves have a range within them. They are not cut and dry. You will know where you fit by how it feels to you. 2nd wave is currently working on their healing and actively searching for their unique place, discovering their skills and remembering. There is also a wide range within this group as well. And, the 3rd wave. These are the people who are beginning they have had one significant aha moment and that had got them looking. They may not know what they are searching for but they know that the old ways of their life are not working for them any longer. Again, this group has a very wide and diverse group within this wave as well.

Where you fit into these waves, has nothing to do with the length of time you have been doing spiritual work in this lifetime. It is almost impossible to figure out all the reasons possible for why a person fits into a certain wave. But, like I said you will intuitively know this if you are willing to be completely honest with yourself and follow your intuition and guidance.

We are all feeling the urgency. Relax, take a deep breath. Our world is changing and we are here to support this. No matter where you currently are, it exactly right for you. If you are doing everything in your life to be better than you were one moment ago then you are doing well. Forward is forward no matter what. Everything is our teacher and we are students. If we allow it. There is value in every conversation, interaction and experience. Look at life, observe yourself and see what you can learn. Once you are able to do this a few times, it will become easier and almost second nature. Be persistent, it is your awareness/consciousness we are talking about. Growth can only happen when we learn and use that information to help us see the truth and clarity if the same thing happens again.

Use your knowledge for yourself first. It is wonderful to be learning all the time. Reading is one thing but applying what you have learned to your life is a completely different thing altogether. This is how we gain wisdom. Being a student who practically chooses to use the information to make their life better.

Spend time, think about physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually where you were in all those areas last year. Congratulations, you are not the same person. Infact, you are not the same person you were when you started reading this article. You made a conscious or unconscious choice to find out this information. Pat yourself on the back. Know that you are doing an amazing job. Every decision you make that is different from your usual choices is helping you to break cycles and the more you do this and notice you are making new choices is a step forward. This is how we break free from ancestral and family cycles or karma. And we are paving the way for future generations.

Find what you love, and do that. Don’t be afraid to leave all that you are comfortable with in order to pursue what sets your soul on fire. Evaluate how much happiness, joy and peace you are experiencing and start removing the things that bring you down. You have the power to change what you do not love. You never know what amazing opportunities are waiting for you when you follow your heart. It is not always roses and chocolate but every ending contains a new beginning, when you step out into the void your just never know what or who is waiting there to embrace you.

Much Love and Many Blessings,

Jenn Moreau


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