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12 12, Solstice

About a week ago I started feeling the energy of 1212 beginning to peak through.

The energy will shake you up, to wake you up, to bring you exactly to where you are meant to be. If, you stop struggling. Go with the flow, honor your feelings. Have patience, and trust you will know when it is indeed the time to take action.

As I walked on the beach today I listened to the waves coming in and more importantly a friend had drawn my attention to the subtle noise of the water retreating from the rocks. The bubbling and gurgling of the water before the next wave came ashore.

In between. The gentle magic that happens. It actually make me smile and pause to listen for the in between. I dont think I will ever be able to enjoy the waves crashing as much as I enjoy the in between magic.

The pause, the breath, the next chapter of the continuous unfolding of life will arrive. Not a minute to soon or a minute to late.

As I walked along the beach I sent blessings to all sentient beings, to the collective, to the earth, the grid lines. I paused and soaked in the energy of the sun peaking through the trees. Opening to the codes it had to offer. A bit of sun-gazing. I felt completely energized and purified and new by the time I reached the van.

This 1212 portal leading up to Yule, to winter solstice for me is about connecting more deeply within my current reality. Connecting to the earth, connecting to my spiritual nature. Seeing clearly in a big picture way rather than through the lens of a microscope.

I am being called to step into a more balanced feminine and masculine.

Sometimes masculine energy is needed, sometimes more feminine is needed. Men and women will be drawn to balance. Begin being more aware of which energy you are in most of the time. Ask yourself is my giving and receiving in harmony. Is my heart and mind in harmony with who I am.

Am I truly at peace and happy where I am, in my situation, in my current reality?

Sit with it. We often avoid making choices because we are getting input from to many places. Everyone has their own perspective, their own motivation for giving the “advice” they are. Take it into consideration but definitely make your own choices for you. You can always choose again. You may avoid something or bypass an opportunity if you are not going with your own instincts.

This month will be quite challenging for some, and others may fly through with grace and ease. Not choosing is also a choice to remain. There is a time for expansion and a time to sit with it, allowing the natural flow to guide you, trusting and patience. Be honest with yourself. Not everyone will tell you the truth, so at least be completely honest with yourself.

Nothing in life needs to be a struggle. I am choosing to float and see where I will end up after Solstice. I am not sure what the consequences may be of my action or inaction. I will be patient and trust. I will be honest with myself. This is all I control or wish to have control over.

Hope this resonates at some level. TIP: 1212 and 1221 happen twice a day. Continous opening and receiving to this code is possible. No more or no less than you are capable of receiving, with grace and ease.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

Here is a bit of assistance to help you learn about your own energy a bit more. A little help for those struggling with understanding how other peoples energy can disrupt your own functioning.

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