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11:11 Alchemy

11:11 means many things to many people. It is the numbers on a clock you may see over and over again. It may be a sign for you about “twin flames” either external or internal union. It could remind you of WW2. It could mean make a wish to you. It could be your birthday. It all evolves around the meaning or beliefs that you attach to it. It is going to mean different things to different people, the perceptions we have,shaped by our lives.

It could and often is the first wake up call we have. The first attention grab of the universe to dive deeper into the synchronicities that cross our path. It can be a further wake up call to expand out current reality. A deep dive into shadow work, a deeper look or observation of our beliefs, mind, emotions, increasing our awareness of our self and our current environment and ultimately our reality we are living in.

11:11 can be a call to action or a call to bring us further within. (Ebb and flow of our lives)

11:11 Gateway

I do recommend allowing 11:11 to mean different things at different times. Holding to one idea of what it could mean for you and others is really a limiting belief.

All synchronicities including spirit animals, signs, symbols, omens they can all have a magical meaning to you. These means can be fluid and changing over time. They will evolve with your changing perceptions, your changing spiritual beliefs, new information if you are open to expand your world. We are made of 70% water. The moon moves the tides, water changes the landscape and our emotions and feelings can be shifted and changed by our fluid, openness to change. You will know the truth by how it feels. And, your truth and feelings will shift with you as you open to new levels and depth of understanding.

Transformation, openness, change, going with the flow are all the transmutation of our energy. Whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We are constantly transforming, transmuting energy from one thing to another. This is Alchemy. The ability to shift our beliefs. The ability to use our insights to transform and move our beliefs, thoughts, emotions and actions from one state to another. This begins and ends continuously, the birth, growth and death of cycles. It starts with awareness and expands with observations and action towards changing what we have known or done in the past. The movement forward is the only way we are going. Look back to learn, move forward to change.

The Alchemical process of transmutation can be found in the hermetic principles or the 7 laws of the universe that govern our ultimate transformation. Found in the explanation and use of these laws in your daily life. They apply and can be applied to the mental and emotional energy of our experience. To be willing to take the plunge into transformation is huge. To be fully committed to your own transformation is necessary. To be willing to take a look at the energy, beliefs, emotions and mental processes that shape your reality and your ultimate expansion is waiting for you. Waiting to bring you home to your natural state of peace, knowing, clarity, home to yourself.

I do believe this is the home we all long for. The home deep within our own self. In fact, not something externally at all. A merging of our deepest reality. It may look different how we each get there, but to be in our pure, natural energy, at peace within ourselves, extending our love out to humanity through our actions. Having room to allow other in, to share our natural gifts with others, to simply extend our kindness.

This all takes commitment and practice to transform. Practice doesn’t make perfection it makes our path our own. The path is straight and narrow. It takes us to our best version of ourselves. Practice being better than yesterday, never beat yourself up for your slip ups or what you may see as mistakes. Make them part of your dance! Keep moving, transforming! May you evolve with grace and ease.

At different time during your journey you will come across numbers that grab your attention. Throughout your journey you may assign or feel these numbers mean different things to you. Here is a couple of different lists of numbers and the meanings they have been give. It is ok for you to shift your energy and the meaning they hold for you. Different people will make the meaning that resonates with them and all “meanings” you may find will hold a different vibration. Your vibration will change and so may your outlook on what the numbers mean to you.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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