Truth, Honesty and Triggers

How to be completely honest with yourself. It may take a couple times when you are learning how to do this. Keep working on it. Honesty is worth every morsel of yumminess you mange to find within yourself.

Triggered is a word with such a huge charge. I choose to discover what is honestly at the root of my feelings. This is a great list to find the truth of what you are experiencing.

A deep breath is a release of trapped energy. 3 second inhale and 5 second exhale. Let go of the tension in your body. You will feel much better as you raise your vibration.
Keep at it, practice, be gentle with yourself. It takes time to create new healthy practices.

Much Love,

A good start to being honest

2 thoughts on “Truth, Honesty and Triggers”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I really have some work to do. This makes perfect sense and WOW, I’ve gone through all that is listed in this article as I’m sure others have. Will be working these out (one by one) to remain true to myself.

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