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Now is the Time

If there ever was a time to find sanctuary in our spirituality, comfort in our daily meditation and rituals, it is NOW. This is the time to definitely put our spiritual tools and knowledge into practice in our lives. Seek refuge in our hearts and extend kindness, care and compassion to humanity. 🙏

Morning Glory from the garden at my house. 2013

Humanity is definitely in need of the “ground crew” to be at the top of our own personal game. Many of us are completely aware that we are on this planet to further our own and humanities evolution.

The lines of reality are being blurred at an unfathomable rate. Never before in human history have we seen this level of craziness.

You are an artist, a writer, an empath, an astrologer, an academic, a philosopher, an Alchemist, a healer, a space holder, a lover and the beloved. You are a mother or father, a brother or sister, a teacher and student.

You are perfect and you are a work in progress. You are human and you are a fraction of the vast animating energy of the universe.

You are no less than the same energy that makes an ants heart beat, the trees and flower grow. Beneath all of the stuff that has happened to you and for you while you have been on this planet, you are still the purity of this energy.

We all are.

The only thing that makes us special, is our own unique expression of this energy. What makes us all unique is the level of understanding and feeling we have that we are all unique expressions of this animating energy that flows through everything and every one.

Now definitely the time. It is time to spend a few minutes each day checking in with your own physical, mental and emotional health. Check in, pray, meditate, practice your Reiki or other types of energy healing, paint, draw, read, do one thing at a time, no multitasking. Focus all of your being. Get grounded, get connected to the vast energy up beyond the astral plane of duality. Draw in that energy and focus it in your heart. Center yourself. Bring your awareness(as much as possible) to everything you do and are being. You and your family and friends, acquaintances, co-workers, pets they need a strong anchor. You cannot be all of those things if you are not solid and flowing within yourself.

Now is definitely the time to be YOU, be the most you that you can possibly be in this moment.

You are needed in this chaotic time in history. You, beyond the masks. You, the unique expression of your life force energy that lies beyond all the human experiences. The true pure you who is consciousness.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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