You hold the keys, the keys to unlock you own magnificence. You hold the key that takes you deeper and deeper into yourself. You are the permission you look for everywhere. You hold all the keys. Allow yourself the sacred space to open the doors and unchain your wild authentic self. Freedom awaits, on the fringes of sanity. Love blossoms and grows in a nurtured garden. You hold the keys to the garden gate. Step into the flames and be lost in the wonder.


Jenn Moreau

💜Miya Sa Toola Re Sadha =
shine forth your true self
To find that infinite soul, that is the journey.
No labels, just pure energy


2 thoughts on “Keys”

  1. Jennifer, so beautifully put to words…
    …the sacred keys work because their essence is in perfect harmony with the master tumbler…
    never stop polishing the keys and soon the keys, the lock, the door and the doorway will vanish…

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