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Vibrate Higher They Say!

At some point in your journey you start to see more about vibration. You hear everyone saying raise your vibration. As you research vibration you will find lists of things that will raise or lower your vibration. Slowly you begin to integrate those things into your existence either consciously or unconsciously. Vibration is one of the laws of the universe. Everything moves, nothing rests, all things vibrate At varying degrees along the scale of vibration. Just like hot is at one end of as scale and cold is at the other you can’t say where one begins and the other ends.

The theme I have found is how physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states effect our journey. I do know all these factors effect your vibration but I just had to laugh to myself about how looki ng at these separately is interesting and how it is a paradox needing to be reconciled to come to unity.

Raising your vibration is really a transmutation of one state to another. Transmuting all you once were into something else. So it really is an unlearning and relearning, upgrading, changing all that you were told to be in this human existence into who you truly are.

Energy or vibration is a vast and all encompassing force that any true seeker of the path will venture into. This means that you will discover cymantics, crystals, music, physics, quantum physics, energy healing and all sorts of different types of energy and explanations. You will come across all aspects of energy if you choose to look further into this infinite pool of knowledge.

Coming to realize the importance of energy is an “ah ha” moment in and of itself. It was for me. Realizing that energy is neutral and what effects it is the intention that is put behind it. This can either be done knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. Beginning to search for our true self instead of selfishly searching will change the energy of our reality. What you think, what you say and what you do are all supported by the energy attached to it.

My intent when I began was to talk about how people will vibrate out of your reality, and what “rise above it” really means and how people don’t really explain or understand the loneliness you may experience. So, here goes.

As we begin to raise our vibration people will fall out of our reality. If you allow them to go. This is the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. Knowingly raising your vibration, you will begin to attract new people I to your life. If you are ready to step into that new vibration.

“Rise above it” seems to be come advise given out but rarely is the meaning ever really understood. Often it is told as take the high road. The high road is not about ego or being better than someone. It is about seeing situations from a different perspective, seeing all sides from a higher vibrational frequency. A higher vibration will alter how we see things. As we stay on the path and progress along our journey we start to see things from varying levels of clarity and perspective.

Asking and receiving higher levels of vibration and clarity will sometimes put us in a place of loneliness. A transitional place if you will. Often a place where we are learning that change is ok. If we can we will see that the old vibration people, places and things is not really where we want to be. The drama can be overwhelming. At this point we have a taste of the new vibration but we have not fully stepped into it yet. We are creatures of habit, stepping out of old patterns or beliefs can be a bit scary. This loneliness will happy many times as we are constantly growing changing and evolving into new beings should we seek it and allow it.

I am not sure I have mastered this beginning, middle and ending of writing articles, but I too am a work in progress. Energy and vibration are such a vast sea of learning and information…..kinda like we are. Thank you for all the kind words to all who read what I write.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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