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Soul Kingdoms

So, we are all progressing on the ladder of evolution, we are all moving towards Spirit, and in order for us to climb the next rung on the evolutionary ladder ahead of us, so to speak, we are called to do something very beautiful as we advance into the 21st century: we are called to externalize and manifest the Soul.

In other words: Our current evolutionary goal as a human family is to advance into a Soul-conscious species. Our current evolutionary goal is to step out of the fourth kingdom, the human kingdom, and advance into the fifth kingdom, the Soul-aware kingdom.

If we open our eyes and look around us we will notice that there are currently four kingdoms evolving on Earth: the mineral kingdom (1), the vegetable kingdom (2), the animal kingdom (3), and the human kingdom (4).

Each kingdom goes through an evolutionary process – and, in essence, the evolutionary goal of each kingdom is to enter the kingdom above it. As such, the current evolutionary goal of the human family is to step out of the human kingdom, the fourth kingdom, and advance into the fifth kingdom. Makes sense, right?

Now what is the fifth kingdom in nature? Most of humanity have never heard about it? How come?

Great question! Most people have never heard about it because it has not yet manifested on Earth. Nevertheless, we, as a human family, even though we may not realize it yet, we are currently in the process of externalizing and birthing this new higher kingdom on Earth. And this new higher kingdom shall be the fifth kingdom in nature. The fifth kingdom is a higher species (or evolution) of man: man + Soul = the Soul-conscious man!

And we externalize this new higher kingdom by each one of us manifesting the Soul on Earth.

So, the task ahead of us is to fully externalize and manifest – make visible – the Soul on Earth. And we externalize our Soul – we make our Soul visible – among other things, by exhibiting the qualities of the Soul in our three personality vehicles: mental body, emotional body, physical body.

We literally cannot manifest the Soul without exhibiting the qualities of the Soul in our thinking, feeling and acting life. And why? Because matter, by definition, is the vehicle for the manifesting of the Soul. In other words, the reason why we have bodies even though we are not our bodies is because without a body (=matter aspect) the Soul (=consciousness aspect) cannot manifest itself.

By Gloria Excelsious
IAM University

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