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It’s a Full Time Job

Awareness is a full time job. Awareness is the same thing as being present.

Calming your mind is part of this very thing. And, a little trick is meditation. Meditation can be as simple as no more multitasking. If you are washing dishes then wash dishes. If you are having a shower, then have a shower. It you are cutting the grass, then cut grass. Eating…..just eat. This is where awareness comes in. You will need to watch and make sure you are simply doing something totally and completely. No distractions from your mind or outside. If you are then bring yourself back to the task at hand. Slowly, you will find it easier and easier. If you can’t seem to make your mind stop wandering, another little trick I found…lets just call it conscious commentary. If you are washing dishes, talk about how she soap smells and how warm the water is or how great you are at scrubbing that plate. You are talking over the fact that you mind could possibly be wandering. Stopping the commentary at a certain point will let you see how your mind still wanders. No need for frustration over it. I still to this day will say nope that’s not what I am doing get back this task. Even as I just took a drink of my tea I was think this is great it’s at the perfect temperature.

Being aware at all levels of your existence is kinda one of the goals to reach deep peace. I remember listening to Osho and he said be like the ocean. No matter what is happening on the surface be as calm as the ocean floor. Something like that. Don’t let people drag you out of your happy place. Let them be a whirlwind of drama and if you are.calm within nothing will shake you. I relate this to prisoners of war. This is an extreme example but that is how they survived. They mentally got into their happy place and wouldn’t be dragged out.

In one of my other blogs I spoke about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, I am going to keep with this theme when I talk about awareness.

I think I covered the mental part with meditation and conscious commentary. Next I will tackle emotional. Emotional awareness is an interesting one. In the old energy we were taught to stay positive and don t think about negative stuff. This new energy requires us to not only feel it, but also to acknowledge it, allow it to come through us and to identify why we are feeling this way and be completely vulnerable to it. This does require us to be completely honest with ourselves. Other people may not be honest with us but awareness really needs us to be honest with ourselves.

Next physical. Empaths….yes, we all are just at different stages of awareness. It is very important to Keep our own personal energy clear. Only when you know what your own body feels like will you be able to know when there is a problem. Be aware of whether you have pain in certain parts of your body. This way if you suddenly develop one then you can assess if it is yours or it belongs to someone else. You may think of someone and in doing so you have connected with their energy and they may have a headache and all of a sudden you do as well. But, I will say here sometimes it is ours and we do need to see a doctor.

Spiritually. When we get on this path we are often pulled in many different ways with all the different energies. Sorting through them can be quite difficult. Beings who are not of true light will often feed the ego or be forceful or energetically overpowering. I heard from a teacher that we need to clearly state we will not receive guidance from any being that is not of the light. I started to say I will only accept information from Christed beings of true light. I was then able to be comfortable in knowing that any information or guidance I got was from a pure source. Being aware of how certain entities feel or how you feel when speaking with them will be a sure way to tell as well.

We are all unique beings and receive information in different ways. Being a clear channel with little mental, emotional or physical clutter will allow for pure guidance from other realms, planes, dimensions and realities. It all starts with awareness.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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