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A Few Laws of The Universe

When I started this path of spiritual discovery I began researching things and I haven’t stopped. The things I read about have changed and I have recently been guided back to some of the topics. Remembering what the soul already knows has been what I found a lot of truth in. At some point we all come back how we feel about things. Trusting our own soul or the universe, how ever each of us looks at this.

When I started looking at the Laws of the Universe, or Spiritual Laws, they are called many things. You can find the 7 Hermetic principles, or 7 main universal laws, I have found 20 universal laws and even a file containing 108 laws. The Law of One, it can all seem very confusing and often frustrating. The 7 Hermetic principles is where I started but I am going to talk about a few that have been very helpful to me.

The Law of Fellowship is one that is talked about in the bible and has also been used in many other cultures. I am not up on my bible quotes but it goes something like this. Any time one or more gather in my name….We can see this in action in churches and all places of worship. We can see this in pagan culture as well. The idea is that when we gather our energy to reach a goal we are more likely to accomplish our mission as long as the intention is there for a positive outcome for the one and all.

One of my favorites is the principal of asking. No higher dimensional beings of light may intercede without your permission. The reason for this is we live in a realm of free will choice. It is in a way our God given right to struggle. I like to explain this one by saying you know our guides and angels and ascended masters are standing around with their arms folded and their foot tapping just waiting for us to ask for help. I studied and looked up what archangels and ascended masters I needed to ask for help from and I found this to be time consuming so I came up with a phrase I would say, goes like this. “What ever archangels or ascended masters I need right now to help me, please come and give me a hand cause I could really use it right now, thank you.” It worked really well so I just keep using it. Now when I look up ascended masters or archangels and I see what they help with I thank them again cause I will recall a time when I asked for help and got it and only after was I finding out who assisted me with something I had asked for.

The other one of my favorite less known spiritual laws is the Law of Soul Evolution. All kingdoms on earth (mineral, plant, animal, human) are here to evolve whether we realize it or not. We have incarnated in a form or body so that we may progress along the evolutionary path. I like to think about this in a different kind of way. We have all heard the phrase everything happens for a reason. Well, based on this law I say it happens to bring us to a new level of consciousness. The thing about that is, are we taking the cue to evolve or are we just ignoring the opportunity to grow.

We are at a time in our evolution that some of us are moving from the human kingdom into the spiritual kingdom while still on earth with a body. 40 years ago, this was unheard of. Time is moving so quickly and we are able to hold so much more light in our physical bodies than we used to. We are becoming lighter on this traditionally dense planet. Grounding couldn’t be more important. Moving to the spiritual kingdom I feel is about shifting from free will into divine will. Divine will to me is simply shifting from self serving to serving the greatest good and evolution of the one and the all. Living a life more through your soul and from a heart centered place.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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