Infinity and beyond

It has been quite an interesting few weeks. Everyone that I have been talking to has been saying the same things. We are all going through our own explosions of transformation. New friends coming into our lives, new modalities being presented to us, new energy being shifted into our being, new revelations taking place. A time where we are beginning to see people, places and things in a new Light.

We are all being called to step up to heal, step onto our path, do what we came here to do for ourselves in this lifetime. So that we may be authentic and real to help others do the same. We are being asked to shift and step forward. Be creative, present our soul in new and authentic ways. The doors are opening up and we are peaking through. We are beginning to see what is on the other side. We are being asked to assist those who are beginning their journey just like we did so long ago. We are being asked to see what is limiting us and heal those wounds. We are being asked to shed those layers that we have been cloaked by. Remove those veils, see beyond, heal what had been limiting us.

The person who holds they key to unlock you is you. You are being presented with the people who can show you where those keys fit in your own puzzle are showing up. The teachers, the guides, the coaches, the healers. Keep your eyes and your heart open, open your mind to the endless possibilities that you have locked inside you. Now is the time to shed that fear that is holding you back from asking for help. That is holding you back from being who you are. The best way to start is to ask for help. Please bring me the people I need to help me see a way through, to bring me their keys, bring me the gentle guidance to head in the direction of my path. Have the courage and the open heart to step forward and say here I am I am ready to take the next steps toward my evolution now.

Photo: the Awkward Yeti Thank you

P.S. Heart and Brain work together, balance.

If we do not ask for the guidance or help we need to be who we are, if we do not ask then we end up feeling alone. The help we all are looking for and it is often closer than we know.

Life does not need to be difficult. Speak up, You have that power. You are safe to ask, you are safe to receive and all the help is there.

As I have found out in the past week or so, it is there. There are people surrounding each and every one of us that have unique talents and skills. We do not need to travel through this life on our own. I am not an island, and neither are you. We all have different needs in different parts of our journey. We can choose to be alone and searching or we can ask for help.

Don’t get me wrong we all need private time, time to process our ah-ha moments, our healing, our own internal beauty. Solitude, reflection, meditation, it is all needed at various times. Retreat for processing. Yes, but never get comfortable there. Never think that you are done either. There is always more to know, to experience, to see, to feel, to trust. A place of comfort is never where growth happens.

Life is a never ending infinite exploration. More time, more love, more learning, more growth, more healing, more energy and of course the unlimited abundance and prosperity…the universe is waiting to show you the depths and heights of infinite.

I will believe it when I see it…..no you will see it when you believe it. The mind is a powerful tool we can be the master of it or the slave to it.

This was a most powerful discovery for me, writing this blog.

I have started connecting more and more with my own soul these past few weeks. I have taken out some drawings that I did a few years ago. I have been drawing more, creating more, writing more. Seeing many people that I had lost touch with. Remembering skills, and talents, doing more and more sessions with friends to help them reconnect with themself and me with myself. Perspectives are being shared and shifted. Things I didnt even know within myself are coming up to be healed in a much more gentle way.

This year is an exciting time and I am so happy to be here and assisting people to find their keys and use them and a few of mine. Laying out a healing plan, somewhere to start. I am so very grateful for being a student of life and a teacher. Grateful for asking for the things that benefit me and ultimately will help me be of more service to others making their way along their path. I am grateful to all have come and gone and all that have yet to come into my life to teach me more, so that I may be of even greater service to humanity. Blessings and Gratitude.

I look forward to connecting with you as well. I look forward to hearing your skills and talents as well. We are all here to help each other heal and grow. You never know who is waiting for you to step into your role to assist humanity in your own unique, authentic and amazing way. Freedom is always available, right here and now should we choose to step forward and ask for the guidance we need. šŸ’œšŸ’™šŸ’š

Thank you for showing up in my life to help me.

Jenn Moreau



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