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Healer, maybe Space holder, for sure! And, the realization of Masculine and Feminine Polarity.

I can tell you is I am working on healing myself, cause honestly nobody is going to do it for me. Over the years I have learned some things that have been helpful to me. I have searched out different techniques and used them for myself. Some have been helpful, some I have picked apart and used what feels right and works for me. Some of them have failed miserably, and that’s okay. But, never have I not taken a small piece of the potential healing opportunities and added them into what has been working. Or at least been open to try new modalities.

Holding space has really become a catch phrase, but it works, for now. Intuitive coaching, soul guidance, perspective shifting. I have no idea what is the best way to determine what holding space is. Asking the questions requiring thought provoking is the goal. Most times people don’t need the answer they would like confirmation of things they already feel deep inside. And, if you are truly committed to healing yourself you will recall the session or reading and see what is there to assist you with your own healing. There is always a message for the reader, teacher, or coach in everything you are presenting to your client. It may be a message that requires a deeper look at your own life, or it may just be a reminder.

Everyone has something that works for them, and they share it. Nothing wrong with that. I don’t even think there is a problem with charging a small fee or by donation, for the hard work they have done to find what works for them. There are countless souls on the planet searching for what works for them. I have said this many times before, you never know who is searching for exactly what you have to offer in exactly the way you present it to the world. It is important to find the authentic you, and what works for you and totally and completely make it your own.

I have also found that energy clearing, is also a way to hold space for people. Setting the intention of, for the highest good of all involved will make sure that your clearing is not effecting a person more or less than they are capable of receiving at their level or stage of development. You are not removing lessons, you are removing the energy that doesn’t need to be there, and really what they will allow to go. I can’t heal people, they need to be open to letting their old stories go, taking the masks off and stepping up into their power. I am not asking for Spiderman or Catwoman, right away, but at a minimum, keep moving forward. Never go back to the old….ex-es, jobs, person you are before you did some healing.

I know I used to say, who will care what I have to say, it’s exactly the same things that have been said throughout history. But, I didn’t realize that there are people who will have those ah-ha moments when they hear how I present the information. Those are the people that will be looking for the authentically me presentation of my years of learning, growth, and healing.

I must say here that if I don’t put myself out there into this big world, then how will the people looking for what I offer be able to find me. Then comes the question of what exactly do I do, how do I explain? Because honestly, I am torn between how do I put myself out there, and the people will find me. There has to be a balance between being and allowing, and doing and marketing.

This all can be a bit much for us as souls on our own journey. Every day I have thought about making my full time job doing readings, or clearing energy, or even perspective shifting guidance. And, every day I know that I am not one for online marketing and things like that. Especially since one of the memes that sticks in my head is….The goal is to find your gifts/talents and give them away. The other thing that always seems to sneak into my brain is…when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

I am sure when the time is right I will know exactly what I am to be doing and how exactly that will happen. Until then, here I am, being me, loving life, and blogging way. Oh, and yes I do realize that not all the things I write have a great flow to them.

Have a wonderful day

Jenn Moreau

August 2021

I have been shifting more within myself and have begun to realize how masculine and feminine polarity works. We all integrate our masculine and feminine within. (True Twin Flame journey) Then, we decide which we would like to mainly operate from.

I haven’t re-read this article before writing this. I simply am adding this new insight into it. I have come to realize over the past few months how often and how much I am operating from my masculine. I have been struggling with my giving and receiving, heart and mind, emotions and logic. I have know for a long time that balance of the masculine and feminine is something I have been working on. Deep down inside I felt that balance is not the right feeling. Polarity and honoring my feminine feels much more at home to me. As I increase my awareness around this idea and begin to put into practice and honor my feminine energy, share my heart with open honest communication, I feel I will definitely be more at home. Here is a little video about women coaches that draws attention to the energy that this often brings. I have felt for years, how am I to find a masculine man if I am always coaching and holding space.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn

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