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The Authentic Self

We are continuing to change and shift, learn and grow and ultimately evolve throughout our lives.

I find it interesting that I am always quick to check out an article that has a list that will tell me who I am. Lists like empaths or Indigos, maybe a list about Starseeds or even the prophesied 144000. I am this or I am that was not something I had clung to throughout my awakening though. I find it in our nature as humans to want to put ourselves in boxes and with labels on them. It’s easy to put on a mask or play a role or slap on a badge of honor. These things make us feel comfortable and secure. Knowing or thinking we know. Sometimes it also makes us feel superior. You can call it an illusion or even a veil, you can call it an ego trap or a limiting belief, or even the shadow. Any way you look at it, it is certainly not unity, being authentic or who you really are at the core of your being.

I used to tell myself when I started my soul’s awakening that what I do is not who I am. I am referring to the 3D jobs here. I would tell myself this over and over again. I knew what I was saying and I understood it mentally but I could not feel the deeper truth and meaning of the statement until much later. I have changed the statement a bit or shifted the perspective of the statement since then. On a soul level, but consciously, what I do in service to humanity for the greater good of all, is who I truly am.

I am Jenn or I am me is how I describe myself. Jenn or me is a unique character that I actually had to find. The me beyond the boxes and labels and masks and all the things people had told me I was over the years. This was definitely not an easy task to root through all the “garbage” and find out the truth. The garbage is sometimes our own and sometimes what we have taken on from others or internalized from others. Finding the real me beyond all those things was intense at times, other times exciting, and sometimes quite peaceful. Everyone will have their own experiences finding their self, no self, the I beyond what is seen.

Now, what I do is share the things that have worked for me. I share them and hope that others will use them to heal themselves and if they don’t work, hope that they discover what does work for them. Put another way, I can’t fix you, all I can do is love you while you fix yourself.

All I do know is that my path is far from over. It is a journey that is an ever changing and unfolding of deeper truths and infinite levels of understanding. I have learned the “rabbit hole” or even consciousness is as deep and wide as you are willing to go. It is never ending if you are brave enough and courageous enough to keep on going. We ultimately need to exhaust our external search before turning inward.

There are no limits to what you will experience and learn if you are willing to be naked. Open to the constant state of surrendering to the vast consciousness we swim in.

There are just as many paths as there are people on the planet. To say one is right or one is wrong, you may just be keeping yourself distracted enough that you cannot find your own.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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