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Back to Basics~ Masculine/Feminine Energy

Masculine energy is characterized by DOING and achieving and is molded by logic and reason. The feminine is more intuitive, oriented towards receiving and allowing, and characterized by BEING. When these energies are balanced, we experience a greater sense of harmony and fulfillment. We all contain both masculine and feminine within ourselves.

Definition – state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.”the polarity between male and female”

**Perspective from Gemma StarPersonally I don’t buy the push that all emotionally healthy males need to be high on the masculine spectrum… And all emotionally healthy females will be high on the feminine spectrum…”

I say…
Let’s do the inner healing…
Healing our wounded masculine aspects…

Controlling * Avoidance
Abusive * Confrontational
Unstable * Unsupportive
Violent * Combatative
Critical * Aggressive

I say…
Let’s do the inner healing…
Healing our wounded feminine aspects…

Victimhood * Powerlessness
Needy * Over sensitive
Insecure * Over emotional
Withholding * Gossiping
Manipulative * Complaining

Embodying our healthy masculine aspects…

Decisive * Integrity
Protector * Confidence
Focus * Freedom
Provider * Logical
Assertive * Grounded
Action * Responsible

Emboding our healthy feminine aspects…

Creative * Nurturing
Sensitive * Surrendering
Emotional * Intuitive
Flowing * Love
Allowing * Trusting
Flexible * Communication

And once we are healed…
Once we are emotionally healthy…
Whether we are a man or a woman
Whether we have a penis or a vagina…

We will find our natural groove
On the polarity spectrum

This groove is not rigid
Not ingrained
Or set in stone

Every moment
Every day
Every experience…
Calls for a different us

To be in balance
To be harmonious
To be a dance

As individuals
In our relationships
In our communities

To be love…
To be free
And to be our truth

~ Gemma Star ❤

There are many coaches and mentors with different ideas and approaches. It is imperative that you feel what is right for you. And, what is right for you now may not be right in the future. I recommend that as you learn more about yourself and different coaches, you evaluate and discern what resonates with you.

Feminine Energy = non-dual wisdom

I found these 2 photos ( above and below) to be quite helpful as I discovered some of my own traits that were out of alignment. I found some distorted masculine traits within my own being and some feminine distortions as well. I am working with me on this journey. Exploration of these traits in my own life as well as articles about these topics have been a great help to me.

Masculine Energy = Blissful Transcendence
Both men and women can display both of these wounds.

I have found that women can hold masculine wounds, and men can hold the feminine wounds. I found both. I have also seen this in observing and working with others and myself. These are often traumatic experiences that have caused this imbalance within individuals.

To embody the energy of union we must be will to take a look at our own toxic masculine and feminine. To be completely honesty with ourselves. To be open, and address each one individually. To look at our patterns and ancestral/family cycles, to look at our triggers. This must be a conscious decision. Healing our own wounds takes a special kind of honesty and reflection. It requires us to look deeply at our own bullshit, bringing awareness to it.

Stay grounded in order to sit with own bullshit, no matter how painful it is. Take a look at what you think, say, and do. Look deeply at who or what is showing up around you. To see things clearly, we must be able to hold a space for ourselves to do this work. If there is to be forward progress. To go within, to be accountable for our crap. Holding space is a masculine thing to do.

Polarity in relationships is the spark that occurs between two opposing energies: masculine and feminine. Gender does not affect whether you have masculine or feminine energy. Or whether you have both energies balanced within because you do have both.

In “The Kybalion” there is a section where they talk about telepathy. I found it so interesting that when you are sending a message, you are using masculine energy. Alternatively, in order to receive the message, you need to be receptive and using your feminine energy. This is also true for mediumship and messages from your higher-self or spirit. Really, any spiritual receiving of messages. This is probably why my Reiki teacher said, “If you can read for others, then you can read for yourself.” Andrea Neilsen


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