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Back to Basics Series ~ Types of Energy Healing

Energy medicine is not a new concept. The whole entire focus is that the energy fields of the body can be influenced for rejuvenation, growth and repair of the cells, tissues and organs. Energy around the body can be cleared and returned to healthy functioning for physical, mental, emotional spiritual anomalies to improve your life. Energy has different names in different cultures. Chinese Chi, Japanese Ki, East Indian Prana, Sanskrit meaning Life Force, Pacific Cultures Mana. Spiritual energy in people or objects.

Bio energy meaning power, Energy is life force energy that is produced by all living organisms. Minerals, vegetation, animals and humans. The energy of our existence and consciousness that flows through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies can become unbalanced, stagnant or blocked.

Reiki Rei means higher power wisdom and Ki means life force energy. Taking a course in this form of healing means you are reconnecting with Spirit to begin a healing journey.

EFT or Emotion Freedom Techniques (trademark) this a form of using your finders to tap on meridian points in the body combined with positive affirmations.

Qigong is a practice to cultivate and balance life force energy. It uses breathing and movement and mindfulness of the body, mind, and emotions to release blocks in your energy that cause pain and suffering.

Shiatsu uses finger pressure on meridians to increase or decrease the amount of energy flowing. Similar points to Acupuncture, and they also incorporate herbal remedies, and diet modifications depending on the needs of the person receiving the treatment.

Feng Shui linked to Taoism it is the harmonizing of your surroundings or environment like work, home or store. This can shift the energies in your life.

ZeroPoint Energy This is from quantum theory. A vacuum state where there is the least amount of energy flowing to a single point. The ultimate beginning spot where all particles beneath everything lie. It can be focused on a pain, situation, point in space. The applications are limitless.

QHHT Energy can be focused in any direction to heal many things. Please note that all medical related issues must be looked into by a professional. Trust in only energy healing may not be helpful to all individuals. There are also healing modalities that have been created by individuals that have put together their own system of healing. Many integrating different modalities they have learned and put a new label on their creations.

There are quite a few energy healing modalities that have been created and spring from the original one you may learn. Many facets may be used and melded into your own way of doing things. This is the beauty of energy work. We have all learned a different set of modalities and combine them in unique ways to create something new. There are 100’s if not thousands of different types of Reiki that have a basis of Reiki and have been added to and blossomed into something else entirely. We are only limited by our imagination. The more modalities we spend time with and learn from the more we learn how to integrate and incorporate those into our own unique healing method. If your methods are effective and your sessions allow people to flow with grace and ease into their new levels of conscious awareness then you are doing a great job.

When there is an abundance of disruption in their life then maybe the healing session was guided by you, ego perhaps. This is why it is so important to do your work on and for you. So you are able to see and feel from a place of pure intentions for the highest good. A person trusts you enough to have a session with you, it is your duty to align with the energy that is for their highest good, always.

A few other enery healing modalities : Arcturian Reiki, Star Magic Healing, Cosmic Energy Healing, Infinity Star Grid, Dragon Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, The Emotion Code. **Some of these modalities are Trademark or Copyright protected. Please be cautious of using these names specifically.


© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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