Winter Solstice 12-21 2018 Energy Awareness

Holiday time is often a time of stress and anxiety for many people. This can be due to family get togethers, painful memories, or personal pressure to make everyone happy. Happiness is an inside job. We are not able to truly make someone else happy, we can do what we are capable of to not create chaos, but everyone has to decide within their self to be deeply happy, and peaceful and content. We often resort to our own little addictions to cope with the holiday season food, drink, sex, anything to assist us to hide from the pain we are experiencing. Or we see others doing this, it has become the accepted culture we live in. Be cautious, observe yourself and others. Moderation is one thing, excess is another. See the cycles and patterns you exhibit and ask, why?

Be open to the magic created by yourself and those around you. This is the completion of another year. Look back and see how far you have come since last year at this time, it is time to see all the wonderful you have accomplished. Know that every ending is a new beginning. We all set resolutions or goals for the new year ahead. Plan to be better than you were yesterday, and even better tomorrow. Make the most of every moment. Be better than you were 5 minutes ago and even better 5 minutes from now. Baby steps, moving forward is still movement, no matter how slow. We are not in a competition, especially not with others. Your flower will open, when it is time.

Peace, Joy, Love. This is the sentiment spread around by society this time of year. It isn’t only for the holiday season. How about everyday of the year. Gratitude and the expression of it, joy, peace, and love, these can be everyday. Why reserve them for specific times of year? The more we express these things the more present they will be in our life. This is the Law of Attraction.

Photo by Jennifer Moreau- The three fold flame representing power, wisdom and love, a symbol for the union of the masculine and feminine within. This also has the purple/violet flame representing the transmutation of lower energy for personal evolution and within humanity.

Balance your time, energy, family, work, hobbies…it can all be very overwhelming when you are told this over and over again…where to start? Take a deep breath regroup, and figure out what is most important to you. Start with what you truly enjoy, love and find deep pleasure in doing. If in fact you are doing something you want to do or do you feel obligated to do it. Feeling obligated to do anything often results in anger, frustration and potentially explosive situations. Ask yourself, why are you doing certain things if they cause you stress. This is another form of self care. Eckhart Tolle has the greatest explanation of this, leave the situation, change the situation (by mentally changing it), or accept it (surrender to the situation), all else is madness.

Garnet is an amazing stone to revitalize, cleanse and purify chakras and assist with emotional disharmony. It’s wonderful for passion of all types, it helps with balance within yourself and love. Garnet will also help with Kundalini, the pineal gland and stimulating expanded awareness and past life recollection. The Vesica Piscis is sacred geometry that you can use to help with balancing masculine and feminine energies. It is one of the building blocks of the Flower of Life.

The solar energy that has been coming into the planet is assisting humanity with our evolution or ascension. It can be quite uncomfortable at times, it is asking us to heal, to upgrade our bodies, our vision, our game. We came here this lifetime to do our work, find our purpose and mission, to learn/remember all that is within our ancient blueprint. We have come to heal our self and assist others to do the same. Being a clear channel to anchor these ascension energies. We are here to be our authentic expression, to understand the ancient wisdom of all cultures, to be open to all there is in this life. Heal, be a healer. Help others find the healer within them, and unlock the greatest version of you.

Have a wonderful healing solstice, holiday and an amazing new year.


Much Love and Many Blessing



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