Ancient Song…Yantara Jiro Language of Light

I first listened to this in 2013 about 10 times the first time. I now know that I was integrating the energy and vibration into my existence. I knew at some level that this song would help me greatly along my journey. I ket listening to it until I was able to focus for the whole song and really feel the frequencies in my body, and upgrades or whatever it was.

I started researching the other YouTube videos he has put out and came across 3 interesting Arcturian videos, but nothing like this one. I thoroughly enjoyed working with and integrating the Star Race energy and still do.

This is a song that combines golden healing, integration of ancient sacred sites, language of light, an explanation of what he is saying, upgrades of your 4 body system (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and the use of sacred geometry, mainly pyramids. 💜 One of my favorites. Hope you enjoy.

Jenn Moreau
Please feel free to email me or use the contact page for any questions. Thank you and have an amazing day!

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