Spirit Love Studio Valuable Experiences For Your Journey Home to You

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$499 ~ 3 Sessions $699 ~ 5 Sessions $2200 ~ 1 Year Investment in You. Experience healing, learning, and expanding from the many modalities integrated in my style.

*Awakening Basics Mentorship Helping to connect and integrate spiritual ideas into a practical and useful day to day experience. How the energy of ourselves and experiences can become more aligned with our true nature. How auras, chakras, personal energy, claire senses, intuition, universal laws, crystals, energy healing, and divination tools can all help us learn to trust our own internal guidance. Supporting us to become more of who we came here to be. Learn some new meditation tools and energy techniques, find a direction that works for you, or find some new resources to help you move further along your journey of evolution. We can discuss using any of the tools listed below.

Emotional Let Go to assist moving forward into a new version of YOU! $80 per session

*Deep Dive Emotional Sessions A session designed and led by your subconscious beliefs that are no longer for your highest good. In this session, you are ready to take a look at ancestral, karmic, family patterns, and past life trauma. Getting to the heart of the emotions that are connected to blockages in your life. Each session is different and set up specifically for you and your inner healing on an emotional and mental level. You will receive a guide/write-up for your personal session and a phone call to discuss your session. 1-3 hours

$150 first session $60 for a follow-up session

*Starseed Blueprint Reading This reading is by appointment. There will be many areas covered that are relevant to your current experiences. This reading also includes personal resources to help you move forward into new areas of exploration. You will see how expanding your awareness helps to work through your experience. Integrating and Embodying greater levels of expansion of your consciousness. This reading is best over the phone or on messenger. Possibly 1-2 hours.

$144 distance session

*Ascension Energy Activations During this session, it will be a distance meditation session. There will be cord cutting, chakra adjustment, energetic upgrades/activations, DNA clearing. Clearing blocks and opening up for energetic upgrades. Several activations for current and future levels of evolution as you progress along your journey. This will all happen at a level you are ready to receive and the level of openness you are to these possibilities. This healing session will start to work in your life, and you will see shifts in various areas of your life with grace and ease as you actively work on your journey. 1-2 hours

*Beyond Quantum Healing Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) is a technique created by Candace Craw-Goldman. It is a consciousness exploration technique for self-healing and spiritual growth done through a deep meditative state of hypnosis while focusing on intention, energy, intuition, and heart connection.

BQH is spiritual, heart-based, and very flexible, allowing practitioners to work intuitively while conducting the session. It is very adaptable to each person’s needs and includes optional water alchemy.

BQH is based on the original Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) developed by the late Dolores Cannon. Similar to QHHT, BQH connects clients with their higher-self/superconscious mind or subconscious mind in order to gain insights, guidance, and self-healing while answering the client’s most pressing questions. 4-6hours

*Master Reiki Practitioner Reiki therapy is based on an Eastern belief that vital energy flows through your body. A Reiki practitioner uses gentle touch, distance healing or places their hands just above your body. Reiki helps guide this energy in a way that promotes balance and healing.This allows the receiver to open up a space for promoting self healing through relaxation and intention. Reiki is very beneficial to animals since they are very aware of energy and what they need to heal. They can easily adjust their comfort level for Reiki or the amount you can or will receive. 1-2 hours

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