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Collective Clarity February ~ Reading

Collective – referring to a group of humans connected through emotional and cognitive association or bond with humaity and feelings influencing personal identity within that group. (basically)

Reading ~ The identifying of energy that is of a physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual nature surrounding certain time periods, people, or situations.

Symbolism ~ the idea that things represent other things and can be related to personal experiences. (everything is connected to everything else) Examples: color, animals, clothing, nature, elements, religion, alchemy, numbers, astrology, etc.


It just feels right to include some definitions to further enhance the knowledge to be found in what is being read. To bring something extra to the table. I could talk for hours about symbols and synchronicity. I’m pretty sure that’s not why you’re here. I have been given some cards to use and a few techniques I use during sessions. Let’s find out what is calling to be said.

I am feeling there is some deep healing coming up. For those who are consciously/actively working on themselves and those that are not. We are all feeling that pull to dive deeper into our lives, reactions, and responses to our life experiences. To dig up some of the past, sit with it so we can open up more to life. (It is a delicate balance to use the tools we have learned in our own spiritual practices with those who we generally consider closed to spiritual woowoo. Giving us an amazing opportunity to ground our reality into useful, practical tools.)

Heal yourself to be of service to others. Jenn

Collective Reading Question : What is the collective working on healing from now until the Spring Equinox? (Monday, March 20th, 2023, at 2:24 p.m.)

Cards and decks used for this reading.

Change – I understand that nothing can grow or evolve without movement. One of the only things that is inevitable in life is change. Which is difficult for many since we are creatures of habit. We love structure, security, and stability. We can also not create change without making different choices. Nothing changes otherwise. Multiple small changes may lead us to a totally new and amazing place. Start with one change, and then work your way towards a new way of being.

Regret – I know that I can not change the past. It is the past, it has already happened. What we can change is how we think, feel, and react to what has already happened. We can forgive ourselves for hanging on to the past for so long. Even if we can not forgive the other people or person, situations, or outcomes.

Trust and Faith – These are 2 qualities that will affect the amount of fulfillment, peace, and joy you experience. Trusting yourself, life itself, and others may be something to look at. Faith and trust work hand in hand. They are a team. Have a look to see if you have been betrayed or when you have betrayed yourself. When were you asked to trust someone else over your own inner voice? (I think that you can practice trust. But you can’t practice faith or grace.) *faith refers to trusting someone/something from the depth of our hearts.) *Thanks, Kristy, for this conversation.

Baby – A baby can refer to an infant or to the birth of an idea. It can be about the loss of a child, the loss of your childhood/innocence, and your loss from having a child. Only you will know what it is this card speaks about for you. The first thought that comes to mind is your intuition/higher self guiding you. Trust that. Anything that pops into your head after may be your mind trying to take control.

Communal Living – Earthy needs begin with shelter, clothing, and food. Feeling unsupported in the current society is entirely possible. Money is needed for survival, yes. Build yourself a network that can exchange services and goods. Build the support you are longing for. You are not alone, and you don’t need to be. It may not be a tribal living situation or a monastery, but you can create a new matrix of like-minded friends to share and support each other.

The Uncreated – The structure you live in was once an idea. There was a time when people were not born yet, and your city didn’t have a name. That song you love did not exist. You are the architect of your life. What is calling to be created? Life begets life.

Against Nature – You know when you are fighting against the flow. You struggle, get agitated, and be impatient. Trying to force everyone and everything to go your way. What we resist persists. When we loosen our grip on what we expect, then a space opens up for it to simply be as it is. No fight. Simply allowing. Surrendering to the flow of life.

Emotional Deep Dive Pride – Many of us, when we were growing up, saw social behaviors that have not served us. We have seen boastful and lying behavior in a group setting that got praise and attention from the group. This is narcissistic behavior that we have often unconsciously taken on and used for ourselves at one point or another. We inadvertently learned that this is how you become accepted, and we perceive these people to be loved. Ultimately, this behavior is far from authentic. Of course, there are many layers and levels to this word and its applications to our awareness of self. Pride and proud is needed until they no longer serve their purpose.

Insignificant – This is an emotion that we feel all around us. You are not only a drop in the ocean. You are the whole ocean. The universe could never be the same without you. We are all significant to this universe. You will never understand just how significant something is until it is gone. Each one of us plays an important role in each moment. Every moment, everything you do is contributing to life. It doesn’t have to be grand to make a difference in someone’s life or many people’s lives. It only has to be uniquely you. Authentically, you. No one can do what you do, how you do it.

Have a wonderful day! Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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