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December Collective Energy

Hello December!

As we move toward the holiday season there are many changes that happen every year. This is a time for celebration and family, shifting seasons and the weather changing. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Solstice there is a deeper tone to these holidays for many. Less sunshine in most places in the Northern Hemisphere, more seasonal depression, traditionally seeing more family can be extremely stressful for some. Not everyone will have family to meet with and enjoy the holiday time, losses of family members can be highlighted as well causing grief, sadness and even despair. All contributions to the mental health of many, whether they know it consciously or unconsciously. Not everyone has the skills or background to cope with all the changes this season of hibernation and rejuvenation brings. As we are being told to celebrate and consume. Not everyone will experience the joy, happiness and peace this time of year is made out to be. Be mindful of the many emotions that many be floating around during this season.

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December Energy Reading

Sacred Wisdom – (Think carefully. Consider all the options in your life transition) Owls are bringers of messages. They are protective and wisdom keepers. Owls bring intuitive knowledge in divine timing. Sacred wisdom brings the message to honor your own intuitive guidance from within. Pay attention to those feelings or messages that present you with direction or ah-ha moments. Your own heart is speaking if you can tune into the subtle energy. The lunar cycles may have a huge pull on your emotions and thought processes.

Devas – (Master your own energy. Take appropriate action.) Devas are evolved nature spirits that have traveled through many realms. They can be found in water, mountains, trees, fire and crystals to list a few. They have become masters of the energy during in all their different forms. They encourage connecting with the earth and be grounded in your reality is extremely important this month and moving forward into the new year. Meet situations with a clear mind and emotional field. This helps us be present with life. It is also a big help when you are searching out how you truly feel. It helps to sit with those feelings. Life moves fast, it doesn’t have to be a meditation or extended reflection or contemplation. It may. But, a mere acknowledgment of you or someone else is often enough.

Blame – (I accept responsibility for my well-being) If you start a sentence with “They made me” or something along these lines then you are far away from your “spiritual” path. Take ownership of your part in the situations. You always have a choice to be responsible for yourself. I have found myself that when I take responsibility for an action the outcome is always less than imagined. Try it. See the difference it makes. Not only in the other person, but how you feel yourself.

Fear – (I realize that I am testing my resolve to live in the energy of love) The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. Fear comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be blatant or subtle. Fear of heights or flying. Fear of abandonment can be subtle. It can have many layers to it. Fear of abandonment is fear of being alone. Physically alone, mentally alone, emotionally alone. Is it love or fear or neutral. Great question to ask yourself.

Growth – (I choose to expand my consciousness and my awareness) Expansion of consciousness and awareness is why we are here. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. What are you doing to bring forward those qualities within yourself? Consciousness and awareness is why we are having this experience we call life. Every situation in every moment is an opportunity to make the choice to see things with a little more clarity. Clarity comes with awareness and ultimately elevates consciousness.

Starseed – (What lights you up?) Starseeds are here to elevate their own consciousness as well as assisting humanity to do the same. It starts with you. You raise your own awareness and consciousness, then you begin to assist humanity to do the same. This is always the case. There is no bypassing doing the work to raise your own. You must raise your own awareness an consciousness before you can truly, honestly and helpfully assist others. How can you honestly guide others towards something you don’t have for yourself? Discovering what you enjoy is a great guide. Being happy and at peace with personal awareness, reflecting and even some contemplation will be a great start. Finding your creativity and expanding what you think is creativity will help too. Share with others from a full cup. Fill yours up first, you cannot serve from an empty vessel.


The Ever-Unfolding Rose – (Cracked open. It’s happening for you, not to you) This statement speaks to blame and being in victim mode. For you, not to you! See blame above. You are a work in progress. The growth of a rose and the rose garden is used in mystic symbolism. Tending to your own garden. Or, working on yourself….Sacred Wisdom card speaks of inner wisdom, Starseed card speaks of working on yourself. Now the Ever-unfolding Rose. It is all happening to bring you to a new level of consciousness, awareness and clarity. The Rose of Glory. The story of unfolding or unlocking the wisdom that is deep within your heart or intuition. The balance and harmony of who you truly are at the core of your being. Bashar said once, if you are still here on this planet, you’re not done yet. I take that to mean there is still work to be done. Action to be taken. Whether that means personalally, or karmic or for humanity, you are not done. If you have done what you came to do, then you would die. (leave the planet) Everything happens for a reason. I think the reason is to bring me to a new level of conscious awareness.

Universal Harmony – Inner harmony is something that can only be found within. There is no other on this planet that can bring you harmony. It is the ultimate inside job. Others can guide you or show you the way, but it is your job to discover it. Once harmony is established it will create ripples and waves out into the universe for others to see and feel. You will be a guide for others without even trying. Harmony will flow with grace and ease. Alignment will flow and ripple from everything you do with a sense of purity surrounding it.

Golden Rule Everything is perfect even if it doesn’t look like it. When you see everything as perfect, you come into rhythm with creation. The universe knows your true vibration. You can SAY everything is perfect, but if you dont believe it or know it or understand why “it’s perfect” your vibration is out of alignment. That’s not it. This card calls for a little contemplation.

Law of Compensation Everything is a balanced measure. “What you put out, is what is returned to you” “For every action there is a reaction” If you put out negative, you will get negative back. If you put out positive, it will be returned. You may put out positive to one person and they do not have the capacity to return it. But it will be returned possibly by another. Sometimes the returning could be missed if we are to busy being the victim of un- reciprocated positive action. Something to think about. Be aware of.

Quite an interesting reading this turned out to be. I was thinking that it might be clearly about the holidays and family, some guidance for the season and coping. Turned out to be quite mystical, much like some earlier readings I did on here. Some clear focus on personal development and growth. Hope you enjoyed it.


Ā© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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