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September Energy

9 and 1 the ending and the beginning together. I have heard the statement “Painful endings create beautiful new beginnings” Ending don’t always have to be painful. When we let go and surrender to the end of a cycle, we are opening up to the possibility of creation.

We can, if we allow life to be filled with Grace and Ease, it will be. Surrendering to what is, not what we would like it to be. In other words, let go of expectations of what we imagined would happen. Seeing clearly what actually has happened, awareness of our true reality. Not the illusion, not the expectation. Simply what is.

9-1 is opening up the energy for the 9-9 portal. Shifting energy and helping to solidify our own personal shift into something new. Also opening us up to 9-1-1 gateway to new ah-ha moments, enlightenment and realizations around the situations and ending we are being in each of our own lives.

We are all exactly where we need to be in this moment. Ebb and flowing around our cycles with grace and ease. Or not. Struggling with life and not letting go is definitely not moving, shifting and changing with the energy that is coming our way. (Forgive yourself for not going with the flow. ~ “I forgive myself for not going with the flow.”)

September and the dates I have mentioned can be a huge shift for each and every one of us. 9-1 Today. Ask yourself, what do I need to see with fresh eyes? What needs to come to and end within and without? What will life look like when I get to the other side of my challenge? 9-9 Gateway of endings. What reality is asking to be surrendered to? What pattern or cycle is due to come to an end? (Maybe even overdue?) What am I ready to move forward from? 9-1-1 Ah-ha. How can I see my reality more clearly? What can be my new reality? What steps forward will I take away from the old cycle?

September Energy Reading

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12 Emotions ~ Emotions can help us navigate through our life. Feeling emotions is key to assisting in our mental, physical and spiritual health. Emotions are human and natural in this reality. Denial of emotions is furthest away from surrender and honesty with ourselves and others. Denial is definitely not who we are at the core of our very being.

18 Intuition ~ Our 6th sense or intuition is based on our emotions, feeling, gut feeling, vibes, spirit, God. See how key it is to be in touch with our emotions. We don’t need to barf them all over people. Sitting quietly, reflecting, feeling them. Our intuition, feelings or higher self can be our greatest tool to help us along our journey. Clearly seeing/feeling our own energy or emotions is an amazing guide.

Vacation ~ A time for rest, relaxing and adventure. Rejuvenation of your inner world can look very different for everyone. Inner peace, stillness, calm can be achieved in many ways. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, it matters hw you do it. You can be in the midst of activities and still maintain your peace. Every opportunity gives you a chance to master your world. Every little step can take you closer to an inner vacation. Create mastery over your inner and outer world.

9 Choose to Move Forward We come across many choices that will alter the direction of our lives. Some great and some small. Make new and different choices to shake up old patterns and cycles. “I choose to experience new and wonderful things. Step aside FEAR, I got this!!”

18 Gateway to Higher Knowing Higher knowledge comes in many ways. Stillness, awareness, through the crown chakra and through the heart. The present moment without distraction, your natural state. We all have this connection to higher knowing, it is always there. “I rise along my path to bring forward knowledge for the benefit of all.”

No matter where you are in your own unique journey, you are absolutely where you need to be in each moment. Peace and blessings. May you meet you true self along the way, and begin to share your uniqueness with every soul you meet.

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

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