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8~8~2022 Lion’s Gate

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens between July 26 and August 12, but peaks on August 8, which is also known as the Galactic New Year.

Lion’s Gate portal is a yearly happening that many astrologers believe brings abundance and prosperity, its a perfect time to manifest your dreams. Beginning new projects and creative ventures will surely bring beneficial experiences, and infinite growth opportunities.

This portal opening corresponds with the sign of Leo. The Lion. Soul Sister’s Truth wrote an excellent article about Leo Season.

At this point, I have decided if I am going to pull some cards, get out the pendulum or continue going with the flow here.

Nalinee Diosara Torch of Ascension

32 Frequency of Crystal Codes ~ It is undeniable the love of crystals we all have on this spiritual journey. Healing, beauty, integration, new information downloads(quite ancient remembering) support of our human form in our evolutionary cosmic path. Sit with them, imagine and trust they will bring you what you need in each moment.

17 Believe in Your Lyran Feminine ~ The perfect cards have come up for this Lion’s Gate and supporting the other information for this article. Masculine or Feminine, nurture your feminine energy at this time. Creativity, gentleness, receiving. Pay close attention to the areas in your life that need a feminine touch. Whether it is breaking through harsh masculine energy from childhood, spending a bit more time creating (whatever that looks like for you) or simply accepting a helping hand. Baby steps in awareness.

16 Pillar of Light Orion’s Belt ~ Orion, the keepers of most ancient wisdom. Activations of those keys and codes within. Expanding your frequencies within your own field, expanding to a greater awareness of your heart center, the Soul Star Chakra which in-turn will empower you more and more throughout your personal ascension column. Empowering and clearing your solar plexus. Raising the frequencies with the very DNA of your being. Transformation of your genetic code. Much like the 26th Gene Key.

27 Galactic Giggles Sirian Arcturian ~ Smile more, laugh more. Enjoy your life more. Keep in the flow of each moment. This will bring you home to yourself. You are happy and at peace when you find your center buried deep within each moment. Time stands still whe you feel the beauty of the present moment, here and now. No, distractions only you and the peace, joy and love you will experience.

23 Pursue Highest Joy and Excitement African Giant ~ The Ancients are guiding you back to you. Your own personal Youniverse. The more you open to the flow of life, no fighting, kicking or screaming, you will find you. Your heart is the key, feeling your way through life. Logic and the mind will never get you there. You cannot reconcile a paradox, only come to the conclusion through contemplation that it cannot be solved. Bewilderment, total destruction of who you were taught to be. The outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Trust the pull will take you exactly where you “need” to be.

18 Center in Flow of Buddhic Impermanence ~ These cards have shown us the importance of masculine and feminine flow within our own being. Flow with the changes, follow your heart. Cause and effect is always in motion.(positive and negative karma) Slow down enjoy life centered in your own energy. Be aware of what you are creating. Is your creation (thoughts, speech and actions) coming from a place of love or fear?

Anchoring your Being ~ Stretch your arms out to the sky breathe in and take in the love of the Solar Masculine energies. Breathe out and bring the energy to your heart and receive. Now, reach down and breathe in the love of Mother earth. As you breath out exhale and receive this energy into your heart. You can repeat this practice as often as you like. Extending the in breath and out breath for as long as is comfortable for you. Visualize the connection to the earth and the sky, energy free flowing through the spine anchoring you firmly to the planet and to the universal intelligence that is available to us all.

Leo, the Lion……Lyra, Pride, The Gene Keys 🔑 This is the path my mind took after reading Dawn’s article. (There is a link on the Like Minded Souls page if you would like to create a Gene Keys profile for yourself) Gene Key 26 is Pride(Challenge) Artfulness(Creativity/gift) Invisibility(Essence) 26th Gene Key is in the Ring of Light. “The 26th Gene Key has to do with utilizing LIGHT WAVES via the medium of the INDIVIDUAL WILL. In other words, through your WILLPOWER you can BEND LIGHT and turn it to your ADVANTAGE. This Gene Key therefore has a great deal to do with the correct and harmonious USE OF WILL.”

-Richard Rudd

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens on July 26 and it is the 26th Gene Key. Interesting correlation.

Pride can manifest on the lower end of the vibrational scale as manipulation, making others feel bad or inferior by using shame or guilt. It can also manifest in this lower unconscious level by being boastful. Dragging up anger, jealousy or greed. Some of the ugliest forms of Pride and Ego we see in society today. Artfulness is a celebration of our Ego. Skills, Talents, Heart centered marketing from a place of the purity. The love of selling something, your passion made manifest from a place deep inside you. Sending it out into the world, creating and cultivating something only you can provide, from your own unique perspective. Invisibility “In order to transcend the Ego, one must first have an Ego worth giving up.” When I first heard this mystical saying, it reminded me of something my dad said. I had decided to ask each of my family members what animal or thing most reminded them of themselves because I had decided to get tattoos to represent each of them. My dad said “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t have an Ego like that.” It took some time but he settled on a dragon, cause there was a game he used to play that had dragons. But his statement prompted my own contemplation of Ego and my family based on the above mystical quote and dad’s statement. Invisibility, the sacred trickster…..Merlin, the coyote, Loki and the monkey. As one opens up their heart more shifting opening up the pineal gland, cosmic consciousness, they cannot be pinned down. They become an alchemist of the higher frequencies and walk between worlds teaching or showing us how the great cosmic joke of enlightenment works. Laugh and have a cup of tea. Seriousness is a killer.

Copper Meditation, Healing and Relaxation Pyramid

I felt a strong pull to clean up the room, after all the construction of the pyramid. Actually sit down and enjoy the energy, let my mind rest and allow my inner vision and wisdom come to me. This was the first time I have used the pyramid.

This is my new favorite music for meditation.

The pyramid has been a bonus addition to the last few days with all the energy making its way around the planet lately.

Happy Lion’s Gate! Jenn

© 2014 & beyond Jenn Moreau

Writing articles is so fun and joyous for me. I never know what will come through or the order the information will end up in.

It is my love, creating stories for people to enjoy, doing sessions and going with the flow. Assisting others along their path is another passion of mine. Touching the lives of many if only for a short while!

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